Proven Technique Improves Sleep… Especially If You’re Overworked (72)

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

It’s been proven that you can Improve your sleep and double your energy with this “one weird technique.” But before we get to that, I have a confession to make:

I alter almost every commitment on here.

The only way you’ll get a clear-cut path guaranteed to work exactly the way you planned is–you guessed it–by working at McDonald’s. Only by working at McDonald’s will we be able to cookie-cut every little aspect of our lives. Hell, we’d even have predictable schedules you know, because we’d wake up at the exact same time every day to get to the exact same place to serve the exact same food to kill the exact same customers one Big Mac at a time.

Specifically, what does an “alteration” entail? How far have we skewed from the integrity of our commitment? The truth is I don’t skew it as far as I should sometimes.

Don’t judge me today for not posting early enough today. The task today would kick you ass as well, especially if YOU yourself would’ve done 66 Google searches on the topic of “market sizing,” which’ll drain your energy more than you can consider just by intellectualizing.

But one thing you COULD’VE done is to just publish a simple post saying you completed the task… STUPID AARON.

Now, about  that “Weird Technique” that’ll have you sleeping like that was screaming its mouth out like a motherfucker for five hours straight at its mother.

For this technique, you’ll need a laptop (or some computer in your room) and a copy of Audacity installed.

Once you have this installed, you’ll need to listen to me very carefully–our Unconscious minds perceive questions best when the tonality at the end is higher than the tonality at the beginning. This tonality is perceived across MANY cultures as the general “inquisitive” tone of voice, and it means the difference between using–or not using–86% of your Unconscious Mind’s resources to get something you want like, say, “outstanding sleep.”

Now here’s what we do:

Record yourself asking a question like, “What does it look like/sound like/feel like as I quadruple my relaxation?” As you ask it, you can fuss with making your tonality “relaxed” all you like, but all that’s important is that you make sure that the pitch at the beginning of the question is lower than the the pitch at the end.

Now, once you’ve recorded this, there’s a unique little feature in Audacity that we can use to our benefit. It’s called “Loop-Play,” and this can be the best friend you’ve ever had.

You know how there’s always that one person who’s always influencing your life in some particular, consistent way? Whether it’s a person trying to get you to come out to the bar for the night or to get you on to chat while you both play Skyrim or Call of Duty, there’s usually someone trying to consistently alter your life path in one way or another.

How about getting someone to whisper, “Get the fuck to sleep” in your ear all night, so that you actually feel refreshed and enthused the next day? This is that friend telling you to go the fuck to sleep and feel great about it.

The reason this came to being was I would always find myself consciously asking the same questions like “How best to quadruple my enthusiasm/power/certainty?” or “What best is my ultimate vision of me best being a billionaire as I create the maximum value for other people in my life now?” And I would ask these questions over and over and over and over.

It wasn’t until I was lying in bed one night, staring at the moonlit wall, that I would leap up in eureka! I immediately Googled “Audacity” and went to the safest-looking download site I could find.

After it installed, I saw that beautiful, fresh, red button. Oh it was so beautiful when I clicked it.

“How best to quadruple my relaxation?” I said.

 Oh it felt so good to have it on the screen like that. I didn’t have the idea to use loop-play then, so I exported it to an mp3 and had VLC Media Player repeat the audio for me.

I’ve never slept better.

I would apply this to so much in my life–from keeping helpful intentions on loop via headphones as I talk with a client to alleviating the anxiety I felt when considering going out to approach and attract a beautiful woman.

Regarding sleep, what’s interesting is that I didn’t realize how much energy it took for me to sleep. Before doing this, I would wake up feeling groggy or aching because my body Unconsciously tensed itself (fucking why? Sometimes the body can be so stupid). And that’s because the body tenses the whole time you sleep–whether you sleep for two hours or twenty.

So the next time you go to sleep, get an Audacity-question recorded, select the blue stuff, and press Shift + Space to get your audio rolling.

As long as it’s even barely audible to both ears, you’ll experience the benefit of a more relaxed sleep.

We’ll converse soon today because this late post is late.

Your Friend


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