How to Push Through Shitty Feelings (73 Completed Now)

Hi Friend and Subscriber!

You’re a friend of mine, so sorry for getting this blog to you on such erratic times. This juvenile behavior is DONE. Let’s just start posting at consistent times.

What I WANT to do is to post at 5 AM and 12 PM. It just so happens I’m usually active during those times,, 

Anyway, I definitely kicked today’s task’s ass. It’s interesting to even THINK that I’ve spent eight hours rewriting classic advertisements (Gary Halbert’s Favorites). Though it was a lot of writing and rewriting, I’ve learned so much about the physical process of writing out the most outstanding copy ever seen.

By doing these eight hours of handwriting the ads (for a total of 27 pages of handwritten copy), I’ve: 1) demolished the feel of imbuing my copy with a LOT of sales arguments; 2) stamped the copywriting principles of the most successful copywriters onto the planet into my Unconscious, and 3) I’ve uncovered at least 100 different ideas that I have physical notes of that can easily revolutionize ANYONE’s copy immediately.

For more details, you can see the two commitments I made today here (first commitment) and here (second commitment).

In the end, I’m happy with this decision to write copy instead of creating a tracking system (a CRM) for the prospective eLance clients. Because training serves as the foundation by which I’ll hire even more clients (and higher quality clients) because of my training that has molded me into one of the most elite copywriters you will ever find.

I truly believe that, by now, I’m better than 99% of any self-acclaimed copywriters out there. I’ve read over ten different books on the subject, handwritten two of some of the yielding advertisements ever written, and cultivated a daily blog with specific metrics that track what works and what doesn’t. And above all, I’ve learned to maintain a consistency with the actions I take, with taking the public risks, with cultivating my skill.

Yet even with all that, I’m definitely better than 99.999% of all copywriters by the time this training concludes (and especially after a series of twelve paid clients and a series of applications of Gary Halbert’s letter–whether in letter-form or in video–scripted or non-scripted).

It’s time to get real and start doing things that elevates your performance. I was always one to be modest, yet I’m now one to see it as it is.

The time has come for the evolution, a revolution of finance.

Dear Future Wife: Do not read the following paragraphs!

By the time the finance revolution finishes, we can then begin the pussy patrol, scouting the land for the finest babes on the planet. In the quest to sending them the highest level of value possible, I will make the first five minutes of our interaction so irresistible that you have no choice but to go on that first date with me and, of course, sleep with me.

But that spiritual-sexual fulfillment… a side benefit to our current focus.

Let’s conclude the copywriting training over the following days, and just make our financial lives happen.

Your Friend,



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