Am I Shitty Blogkeeper? Am I? Huh? Am I, huh? ;.;

Hi Friend and Subscriber!

All this time I’ve been wondering… have I been wasting your time? I mean, I know that we’ve been through a ton of shit together… but, I mean, I don’t even know shit about Photoshop to keep the thumbnail of this site looking outstanding. I don’t know shit about Premiere or video editing to keep my videos anywhere near professional.

All I know is that I’ve been studying Marketing and copywriting and girls and getting kicked out of Hooters.

Maybe it’s just time that I make some money so that you can find me enjoyable to hang out with and want to see me. Hell, if making money makes Bill Gates and Warren Buffett popular, then it’ll probably work for me, too.

I’m gonna watch a few more episodes of PewDiePie playing The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner for another Hour, and then I’m going to start another four-hour commitment before 2 P.M. that involves writing more pages of advertising that Gary Halbert suggests.

We’ll talk after that, alright?

Speak soon.



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