Intensity Tracker + StickK Commitments (Task 71 Launch-Complete!)

Today was miraculous.

Not only were 3 eLance proposals submitted, I had 18 Facebook notifications (always a good thing), an Hour of Power completed, the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine dominated, a shower taken, and half a bottle of Sambazon Acai Berry + Yerba Mate + Guarana consumed with some chocolate milk and coffee (with Irish Cream… which smells horrible, but tastes amazing).

But that’s not even the best part! The best part was that we FINALLY have got an Intensity Tracker on this website. The Intensity Tracker, as you may have inferred, tracks the intensity of each task. And by tracking the intensity, we can make sure that each of these tasks stay at a level intense enough for personal growth to happen (while keeping it just UN-intense enough so that we can keep on doing it).

Overall, I’m really excited for how something as simple as tracking the Intensity of each task will affect my overall effects on my life, because I really believe that “Observing changes the observed.” Or, if you’re a Drucker-addict, it’s non-metaphysically stated that “What gets measured gets managed.”

Other things of note include that two StickK commitments were made today: One for getting the Intensity Tracker completed and one for setting commitments daily.

I’m doing another commitment in the next 20 minutes where I pull all the proposals from eLance onto an Excel spreadsheet–noting the date and status (i.e. Open, Closed, Awarded, Delisted) and activity (i.e. messages sent, payment given, feedback awarded) for each client.

Could probably get a VA to do this… so I’ll draw out some plans for how I would have THEM do it.

Converse tomorrow? It’s only getting more and more exciting from here–life is outstanding.

Your Brother,



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