Dare You To Beat This Challenge (Task 72 Sparked)

Doing more preparation than necessary–That is my commandment for each of us.

Having  done a LOT of research recently for “market sizing,” I’ve chosen to follow Gary Halbert’s curriculum on “How To Become a Copywriter in Just 30 Days.” It looks fucking fantastic, so I’ve chosen to do it.

Ads will rules this blog.

Actually, they’ll compliment it–because the advertising books that I’ll be reading always says something along the lines of “add value to the reader/don’t waste his time.”

Cut-the-BS: I have this challenge started before 12:00 PM and completed by 4:00 PM

I’ll post my results by 5:00 PM.

Your Friend,



2 thoughts on “Dare You To Beat This Challenge (Task 72 Sparked)

    1. Ryan. I’m going to place a little turban and a toga on you and call you guru from now on. You’re the homie who linked me to this as the first of 5 of Gary Halbert’s newsletters, so without your link, I would never have had access to the “Hands On Experience” newsletter.

      Furthermore, you took shovel in hand and scooped through the data and the shit of the web to pull together the nine ads that Gary required I copy… Thanks for saving me at least two hours of searching and possibly 4 days of begging like a little bitch for Ogilvy’s or Publicis’s (Omnicom’s) advertisements.

      Yet, even with that in mind, you should buy me a beer as recompense for being an awesome student, possible peer, and hopeful friend. And as you do, I look forward to clinking glasses over the new stories of what you’ve been up to lately. (P.S. Let me know what’s new with you in your next comment.)

      Namaste, brother.

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