Sex Mex — Having Sex With Chicas (Task 70 Launch)


Studying headlines on magazines is fun.

As I was standing at Barnes & Noble–mechanical pencil and notebook in hand, I had realized that I was taking my approach to wealth-generation all wrong. I wasn’t devoting nearly enough time to developing a sex life that makes other people crave to do business with me.

As a human being, I need to be the living epitome of sexual fulfillment if I can ever expect a TRUE, deeply fulfilling following of raving fans who can then apply the practices necessary to become fulfilled themselves.

Which brings me to the points of this article: Applying the practices necessary to become fulfilled ourselves.

Many people have observed that business is one of the most outstanding results-generation tools on the planet. I mean, Jesus, Apple sold more freaking iPads than ANYTHING else every manufactured. And by “anything,” I mean cans of coke, Twinkies, boxes of Oreos ANYTHING. (Source: Ed Dale).

And with that in mind, I need to stop kidding myself; I know nothing about business.

I had always of thought of myself as a well-endowed spokesperson of Internet Marketing and an online business (I’ve studied hundreds of hours of business-oriented materials), but the thing is, it requires multiple passes through through these materials WITH APPLICATION to become even a journeyman in terms of business.

The chances are, I know more than the average person about best business practices and developing systems to cultivate and create value… but I know jack shit compared to those who run and operate their businesses on a daily basis.

Which is why I’m committing to doing this for the next 90 days.

I commit to you, the Universe, and myself that I work on this area in for:

  • A minimum of one hour every day, or
  • A target of four hours every day
  • An outrageous twelve hours a day

To maintain integrity with self + make public commitment to studying business every day… which then develop my income to astronomical levels that’ll then create opportunity for others to help me revolutionize our fuel is the ultimate reason for why I write this commitment and post.

Let’s see if this step forward works.

Your Brother,



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