Does Studying Business Mean No Coding? (Task 70 Complete)

I’m too emotional.

Pulling in data from multiple sources turns me off. Converting lessons learned in-field when talking with women from guesses into facts (through application) scares me–it turns out I do fear being wrong… Actually, I REALLY fear being wrong (a.k.a. “failing”).

In fact, I’ve always felt afraid of failing or being wrong for a looong time, but this was the one fear that I had actually convinced myself that I didn’t have for at least five years… Holy shit.

Time to admit the facts, now. I was afraid of being wrong. I was afraid of investing even ten hours developing a business plan for a business that might turn into a flop (what a waste of ten hours, right?) I was afraid of going out and actually admitting that I wasn’t the best pick up artist in the world (how did I delude myself into such naivety?).

(The reason I found this out, by the way, was because, as I was studying business for an hour today, I learned that I really didn’t want to select just one business idea to analyze and find customers to market for.)

Now, my plan is to find ways to associate pain to not taking actions that can prove me wrong, and associate pleasure to doing things that can prove me wrong. By finding all the things that can make me feel pleasure with admitting a mistake, I can find one more way NOT to achieve my goal, which is awesome.

Comment before your dick falls off?

Your Bro,



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