Want To Play A Game, Johnny? (Task 68 Complete!)


I’ve received an offer from a man named Andy who claims to be an affiliate manager for Venusian Arts. I’ll be talking with him soon about an affiliate partnership—which may involve banner ads or a link in my signature. Having tremendous respect for his company, I’m more inclined than not to work with him.

Things I Need To Share But Don’t Want To:

Regarding my physical health agreement; I started (but did not complete) the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine within two hours of waking up. Having thought that it was just to start, I gave myself a little bit of time to consume some chocolate milk and honey chicken (Chinese food left over from yesterday)—but later realized that it was necessary that I COMPLETE the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine. I will be giving myself a one day warning, but if it happens again, I must pay. On the same page, too, I slept entirely through the AM hours, so I did not consume half a bottle of Sambazon. Again, in this instance, I’m consuming the other half tonight.

Another thing I don’t want to share is that my place is an utter pigsty. There are papers all over the place that need to be organized, and I have my VA’s over at Brickwork totally pumped to process my receipts into an Excel format that I’ve yet to scan and send over. This is total bullshit.

A Fun Thing To Do With My Reader:

Having done a lot of focus on me, I’ve decided that it would be a good time to do some extrospection. Particularly by asking, “WHO are my readers?” So, below are a series of questions that I’ve decided to ask myself about you—Feel free to comment and say how wrong I am if you want.

“What are the demographics of my reader?”

You are a 25-year-old sexually frustrated man who’s studied the Game. You make an average of $35,000(K). You live anywhere from North Dakota to Los Angeles to the Phillipines, so location is broadly. You’re an average of 15 pounds overweight, but that’s the average of men who are 80 pounds overweight and the super studs who are just naturally fit/athletic.

“What are the psychographics of my reader?

You desire to make more money to fund your game. You hate your job because of the people you’re obligated to spend time with. You’ve probably tried Internet Marketing at this point (who hasn’t)? You have negative attitudes toward lying (thank you), yet you’re inclined to use routines and DHV stories for your “sets.”

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how fucked up are my readers?”


“… in relation to me?”


Overall, what this all means is that you represent a unique combination of elements that, somehow, takes the shape of a human body. And this human body has wants, desires, fears, frustrations, objectives, challenges—in addition to the more complicated aspects of you like meta-programs and personality patterns.  Therefore, it’d be useful to get a better image of you who are, a better feel, and hear your story so that I can better communicate with YOU and not some hallucination that I’ve had of you that has stemmed from a past marijuana cigarette that had LSD on it without me knowing about it.

So, if you’d like, FIND A WAY TO REACH OUT TO ME and tell me about who you are. It’ll benefit both of us, I promise. (Thanks)

Regarding Today’s Challenge:

Today I knocked the challenge out of the park. At the moment, I’ve yet to manifest the proper “super-cameras” and environment (and education) to properly develop videos that will benefit the viewer most… but the content is superb. Especially the video on Ghostwriting (there’s a totally different “vibe” with this video when contrasted with the other one shown here… do you agree?). You can check out the videos below.

When I make the next videos tomorrow, I’m definitely shooting them at a different environment, but I’m keeping the intention the same as the Ghostwriting video.

That’s all for today, Broseph! Converse tomorrow?

YOUR Broseph,




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