Unforgiveableness (Task 67 Launch/Complete… Task 68 Launch)

Holy shit. Slept from 9:00 PM to 3:00 PM… the next day

Having been a long-time subscriber to PewDiePie, it’s amazing to me how even a single post can arouse such disdain and sadness. Because I really enjoy his videos, it really, really sucks for me when he doesn’t upload a video for the day.

It’s almost like an addiction I have with watching him, and he’s withdrawn my daily dose of hilarity… I never want to do that with you again.

But at the very least, there is VERY good cause for all of this. I was at freaking Notre Dame University all day, eating Jimmy Johns, praying at the Grotto (i’m not Christian), eating Chinese food, conversing with University staff as we looked at the luminous green field through the entrance that the football players march through every game (the director of operations here was driving a forklift to the back of the truck, pulling out rolls of turf to just behind the gate)… all in addition to the main event of sitting through sales calls and appointments with M.D.’s all over South Bend, Indiana.

And although it was tiring, the beauty I’ve seen, the food’s I’ve tasted, the laughs I’ve had… were fantastic.

I could talk to about the beautiful Basilica and the tiers of churches. I could talk about laying down underneath the gold-capped dome. Playing foosball in the rec center (where there’s also a Taco Bell and Pizza Hut… which is funnily placed in such a religious place). We could talk about how the hottest woman I’ve ever seen walks by me as I protect the Toughbook of my friend, Rock (who I’m with for each of these things I’ve mentioned) outside of Jimmy John’s.

But above all, there’s something that we can talk about that made me laugh more than anything else… what he said to a friend on the phone about a heated sales conversation that I got to experience ALMOST first-hand (I was sitting just outside of the meeting). Here’s what he said:

“Do you want to know how much I made last month in commissions from her? 234 dollars. 234 dollars! You know, [director name] thinks she’s been SO good with me. ‘Look, lady. I shit 234 dollar every morning. Whatever deal you make with me here won’t affect what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner. It won’t affect where my kids go to school. It won’t affect the kind of houses I own or the boats I drive.

“She’s a bully, [J]. And I don’t tolerate bullies. [Hospital name]’s being acquired soon…”

I like his style.

Anyway, the task yesterday was to invest in a journey to South Bend (roughly an hour and twenty minute drive over). There’s a secret story that I have that wasn’t mentioned yet, but when I reach either 2,500 views on mPUA Forum OR 52 views in a day on the blog, I’ll break down that story in detail…

HAHA just kidding. I had to pee so bad that I had to stop the car ON THE HIGHWAY, pull down my pants, and fucking pee in a bottle on the side of the highway. God, I eat so healthy–which means I consume so many fluids–and I literally filled the Dasani bottle and the air pressure that built up so fast caused pee to burst onto my fucking steering wheel.

It was fucking hilarious and disgusting. Thank god it was the “clean” kind of clear pee and not the disgusting, solid yellow-brown urine that I had all too much experience with when cleaning restrooms at Hooters.

There, was it worth my absence for that? 🙂

ANYWAY, yesterday was met in totality, too, because I’ve been investing hardcore in both my health and wealth. I’ve invested $10 on eLance, $12 on Sambazon (for just two day’s worth of Sambazon), and more. The level of return I’ve had for working with Rock on his sales calls has returned to me a massive level of experience and dedication to being outstanding.

The biggest lessons I’ve learned? Know more about the customer’s needs than the customer does. Keep on contemplating what the reader wants at length so that when you go in there, they’ll love you so much that they’ll be willing to do almost anything for you.

(Really, you should’ve seen what Rock’s friends–they’re really not customers to us… they’re friends–were doing with him. He had the most inside access to all the details going on with the companies that I was smiling the whole time.

It was beautiful!)

Anyway, that still leaves today to work with. In addition to completing today’s health challenge (completing another half of the Sambazon bottle–due to my lengthy sleep and doing three power poses with three deep breathing sessions), I commit to submitting two video proposals for eLance by 9:54 PM.

Two proposals with a link to the YouTube video would be AWESOME–and that’s the minimum. I want to build up the video proposals to five video proposals submitted per day–but that might just be a little intense.

So, that’s it! I’ll be doing that for today’s challenge (I’ve been experiencing a little hesitation for eLance lately in that I’ve only submitted ZERO proposals to eLance lately… So let’s make something happen here!)

Let’s leave it with that, and feel excited about our journey together–While I wish I would’ve had the willpower to submit an article yesterday, this is something that’s incredibly fun for us to do.

Converse in five hours?

Your Broseph,



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