Shitty Formatting, Best Leverage Ever Done (Task 66 Completed!)

How best specifically do I make the pain for me not doing the health plan in task 66 20% more painful than it needs to be?

* $149 every week
* Need to make it conscious
* Submit it to my star mentors

How best to make the leverage represented directly above this sentence conscious in my mind at least eight times every day between today and August 23, 2013?

* Make an infographic with
* Skipping costs an iTouch
* Skipping costs five days of super healthy meals
* Skipping costs a fifth of my ideal house
* Skipping costs a Geek desk
* Skipping costs me $17,605 in fifty years
* Skipping costs me an HD Flip Camera
* HP costs me 1/5th of an iPad
* Skipping costs me a wardrobe
* Skipping costs me Hypnotica

* Calendar texts–Remember the Milk
* Have my assistants email me of this plan

* Infuse it in my audio

When best specifically do I do each of these components?

* 1/2 bottle of Sambazon must be consumed by 11:59 PM and the other half by 11:59 AM
* Hour of Power must be started within 30 minutes of waking up (Make a custom alarm for this–I.e. what Paul recommends–add goals to HoP audio to make it work—add leverage (JUST for first goal) to morning power questions!!
* Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine must be done within two hours of waking up
* Three deep breathing sessions may be done at anytime so long as they’re done with one hour’s separation between sessions within any particular 24-hour period
* Power pose per Amy Cuddy’s suggestions (I prefer spread eagle)


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