The Super-Late Fucking Awesome Post (Task 65 Complete… Ish?)

Well I fucked up.

Technically I did something that scared me (videotaped my parents when they came over instead of yapping + a quarter of an Hour of Power), but there’s so much shit that I messed up with.

It’s probably because of my lack of sleep learning–or my messy environment with goals plastered all over the walls. Or because I haven’t looked at my digital vision board yet.

Regardless of the cause, the effect is that the results with this blog have been subpar. They’ve been subpar because I’ve been allowing myself to BS myself by not updating my metrics or even submitting the Venusian Arts metrics to Seduction Stats.

So, with this post, we now have a (hopefully) objective list of things I’ve been doing right on as well as a (longer) list of things I’ve fucked up on with this blog.

We can read through this together if you’d like.

What best I’m doing right with the OMFG Blog?

  • Developed a sense of humor -> Life is way more fun when you’re hilarious… it helps us swallow hard pills (not semen) that we need to take (if you watch PewDiePie’s videos, then you’ll know that he probably gets through in part because of his ability to make himself and us laugh to break the tension of horror)
  • Keeping myself consistent by posting daily–at minimum -> Though it’s definitely better to do the two-a-day that this blog is based upon, by at least posting daily, I can keep in contact with you, my favorite person in the world, and make it so that checking this blog remains a daily habit for both of us
  • Doing harder shit than usual -> This makes me a bad motherfucker–hardened both by the environment AND by personal initiative… and by you! ūüôā
  • Solving challenges like a motherfucker (I.e. just recording my parents with my phone’s camera simmers down any would-be fighting… If you have fights going on all the time, just point a camera at them–works better than anything else I’ve EVER tried) -> This lets me know that ANY challenge is solvable… Anything we run into can be solved–especially if we get it written down first IN ADDITION TO acting upon it
  • Severing ties with those in an earlier phase of development–i.e. Positron’s -> I feel like I was “babying” a bit too much on that journal… I needed to post intermittently–NOT daily
  • Replying to comments like a mofo -> Don’t do that “I’m too cool to reply to comments” shit… at least make a point to comment on PRIORITIZED comments… Learn to create a conversation with those who matter
  • Tracking my progress – Keeping myself conscious of my progress -> This is the major indicator of whether I make progress or not… I need to set up MASSIVE leverage here, because the only time I stop is when I don’t visually track my progress–I need to find a way to track the usefulness or level of example that I set for you every day–even if it is subjective measurement, it still helps me to realize and achieve more of it.

Key Lessons So Far: 1) Measure progress (add “level of example/usefulness” metric); 2) Set more leverage for harder tasks NOW; 3) Be more responsive with comments and other blogs

What best I’m not doing right with the OMFG Blog?

  • Not measuring progress each day (all metrics) -> This hurts us more than anything else–this gives that instant “Ouch” or¬†zap that’s necessary to keep us on course… Ugh, I’ve lost so much in not measuring myself for the past few days… UGHHH!
  • Not measuring the number of deep breaths with each post VISUALLY -> This gives me an indicator of “centeredness” or an indicator of the amount of time given per blog post–MEASURE TIME WRITING!
  • Not measuring the level of intensity with each blog post -> This is going into every blog post now… The level of intensity is now being posted WITH a chart in EVERY blog post from now on (Another idea–measure distractions that have happened per day)¬†
  • Not setting up enough pain to make myself experience the inevitable eustress of developing myself properly -> Use and find things that I wouldn’t want to lose–and pay it… IDEA: SET UP A SERVICE WHERE ¬†I’M A HARD MOTHERFUCKER who¬†will push “Pay Now” on FOR you.
  • Not reading enough of other blogs -> This isn’t that bad of an idea–I just need to make sure I do a bit more learning than the applying that I’ve been doing lately.
  • Not specifying times to complete each task -> Without specification, I can justify sitting on my ass, overloading my mouth with coffee and peanut butter sandwiches all day–overall ending up with shit like this where I’m both posting late AND less satisfied than what I would’ve been if I would’ve just mentioned “In two hours–” I always specify a time within four hours of the post date from now on for each task… if the task can’t be done or it’s too far away… reduce the scope… and do more of it over time¬†
  • Focusing too much on stats instead of focusing on completing tasks -> On the same token, the one set of stats that I HAVE been focusing on are for this blog… and not surprisingly, it’s the metric that’s grown (whereas other, unmeasured metrics have shrunk… ;.;)–still need to focus on the metric of “value-creating vs. value-absorbing” time… FOR EXAMPLE, check Facebook asking “How best can I contribute on Facebook?” instead of “What notifications are there?” — Just keep doing that, and see what happens in a year… the results will surprise me
  • Not setting VERY REAL leverage–a post here works well with most things, but the level of intensity of many of the tasks here has been a bit low for my tastes -> Overall, this was just stupid of me… If something induces fear… I now accept that as “the right direction” and immediately set leverage to do it… Just note that my brain will do whatever it takes to deceive me and get me away from doing what I need to do¬†
  • Not following through one of the best SEO opportunities I’ve ever seen (“apartments in kalamazoo”) to better practice for OMFG’s SEO -> This is one of the hard things that I can do–also, it allows me to build my vision for places to live… LET’S DO IT!¬†
  • All factors like my parents coming over to distract me too much (my parents–in addition to Facebook and checking my eLance inbox) are the biggest distractions -> Focus on solving this challenge now via Anthony Robbins’s Challenge-Solving Questions
  • Not having an audio playing ALL the time to reprogram my mind -> The questions I ask determine what I focus on, and by having an audio asking something like “How best to behave to achieve (sub-)goal #1” can probably kick some serious ass! ūüôā ¬†YES. Test this for a month
  • Not listening to¬†The 4-Hour Workweek¬†enough–listening to this audiobook helps me prioritize what shit works and what doesn’t -> Immediately listen to CD 2 (3?) after this blog post to keep focusing on the best
  • Not listening to an AUDIOBOOK (instead of the book) of¬†What Would Google Do?¬†by Jarvis -> Jesus, this would probably revolutionize this blog times a thousand… It open up the world and allow me to market ANY product I might develop soon¬†
  • Not having my own place with Internet that i have total control of -> This will be taken care of over time… Just take care of (or pay someone to take care of) this place I have now… It’s treating me well so far
  • Not setting an example for my readers by budgeting and tracking my stats properly -> This is bullshit, and I now handle this now. I haven’t put a single receipt into Excel (or Quicken) in over a month… B.S.¬†
  • Not linking to my Seduction Stats blog and updating that blog regularly -> Also BS–I’ve been wasting most of my time with seduction… like always; As a rule, I need to ask “Where am I wasting my time?” ¬†
  • Not developing my game enough–both on the weekend and in general -> This has been causing an imbalance in my life lately–of course, this WAS solved by working at Hooters… but now that I’m working as a freelancer, I need to invest more time in face-to-face interactions… take a yoga class… get moving (YES! I just realized that I’m now free to take the krav maga class in Troy, Michigan! FUCK YES!)¬†
  • Not doing enough of these “Right:Not-Right” Posts -> I commit to doing these once a week to check my progress
  • Not “doing less” as the book,¬†Getting Real suggests–I need to start doing fewer… but higher quality tasks -> Seriously, break this shit down and do only HALF of what I suggest… It gets overwhelming if I do too much at once

Overall, I’m very pleased that we have this relationship that we have together. It’s been a fantastic journey so far, and I’m ecstatic to continue developing.

Perhaps, and this is just an idea, perhaps we can REALLY evolve ourself when we get to asking ourselves the SPIN questions on a daily basis like the way I want to… It’d be so easy! It’d be so easy, AND we could use it to sell people the things that they NEED to buy.

And speaking of sales–I need to contact Rock tomorrow about doing some Sales with him–so I’ll study¬†SPIN Selling¬†and McKesson tonight, like a good lil’ boy.

Converse tomorrow, brother? Feel free to comment–your thoughts matter ūüôā

Your Bro,




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