A Commitment To Eating Only Healthy (Task 66 Launch!)

Buying 2 bottles of Samazon today.

Included with this purchase are two bunches of broccoli, lettuce, and beans and water. Because keeping my health at a maximum prevents burn-outs like what I’ve seen today.

Today’s Challenge (Completed by 11:59 AM):

Buy the above things and update this post with the correct names and write out specific commitment for thirty-day health where I consume an entire six-dollar-59-cent bottles of Sambazon every day between now and August 23, 2013. Added to this is the Hour of Power and Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine every day except for Sunday. Also added are three breathing sessions (with power posing) daily. In this report that’s completed by 11:59 AM today,

I also include on how to make it 20% more painful than is necessary for me NOT to achieve the goal in addition to how I make it conscious in my mind of how painful not completing this challenge will be.

Not Today’s Challenge (Not Completed by 11:59 AM):

This does not mean dilly-dally. This does not mean anything else other than completing the above. This also especially does not mean sit here typing a blog post when I need to plan and and get my ass to the store.

YES! This style of writing… it’s what I’m talking about!

Intensity level at 6 by the way. Converse in about an hour, brother?

Your Brother,



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