Don’t judge me if I cry ;.; (Task 65 Launch)

Went into a 14-hour coma yesterday.

Have you ever had one of those days where you chug nineteen gallons of coffee… to then pass out anyway? Have you noticed how you can only get REAL sleep after the first 6-hours of pseudo-sleep?

That’s what happened last night–especially when the power went out as ANOTHER thunderfuck came in. Jesus.

All I can think about is how perfect the timing was for storms and shit to come in and deliver a knockout blow to my power–I had just started working–for real–on eLance.

Now, time for today’s task–what to do, what to do.

Well, I could put the Hour of Power combined with Spanish and Venn Diagramming–but that would be for PUSSIES. I mean, come on. Admit it. You’re here stuff like the Touching Boobs articles from earlier and for applications to places like Hooters (which WORKED).

The thing is, I don’t really KNOW what’d be the most enjoyable for you read. It could be attaching jumper cables to my scrotum and with the other side to my car’s battery. I DUNNO.

So, it’d be cool if I could hear YOUR take and maybe get a few words thrown at my face as we come to the conclusion of this next post.

Otherwise, I’m going to conclude today with doing the 10 blog post analysi (yes, that’s the plural) that I promised earlier in the article, A Secret Fear I Regret Having in addition to:

  • Submitting 5 new proposals on eLance (Hell, I paid the $10/mo Premium membership fee–let’s keep doing this!)
  • Do the Hour of Power WITH the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm-Up Routine

Starting the “30-Day StyleLife Challenge” from Rules of the Game might be in my near future, too, now that I have the financial means to fund it properly.

So, yeah, hopefully the next place your mouse scrolls to is “Post a new comment” (or whatever it says). Then, hopefully, you click that and enter words into the white space, too. Then, hopefully, some of those words are English that makes meaning, imagery, concepts, for my brain to understand.

Will converse with you tomorrow, brother 🙂

Yo’ Homie,



(P.S. Here’s a note I wrote in this post’s draft: “Action Desired From Reader: Comment on my fucking blog as they fucking enjoy it. ” hahaha)


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