Man Scared By Storm! [FUNNY] (Task 62-63 Soon)

Forgive my unforgivable absence!

As many can attest, life comes with the good AND
the bad. Well, I think this video kind of combines
the two, because: 1) It’s hilarious to the viewer,
and 2) it freaking destroyed my trees! ;.;

So, with this video in mind, can you forgive
me? I would appreciate it very much!

If you’re looking for some bedtime reading, here are
a few suggestions from last post:

An Inner Crucible: Moments of Torment
Saving Private Ryan Knife Moment (Task 54 Complete!) 
(Still) The Hardest One Of All (Eight Task Setup)
You Can’t Justify Your Way Out Of Hate (Task
15 Completed)

Moments Of Inner Release
Tasketh Sixteeneth, Bi*tch! 😀 (The Grid-Iron Game)
If You Want To Let Go… Hold On Tighter (To
What You Value Most)

Moments Of Victory:
Second Task Result! Touched Some Ta-Tas! And got a
I Really Hate Some Of The Sh** I Do
(Eighth Task Completed… Lol)
There’s Only So Much Amazing You Can Improve In
42 Days, But
I’ve Yet To Find Out How Much!! (Task 42

I surmise that we’ll be even better friends before long! 🙂

Your Friend,


P.S. I got my first freelancing contract yesterday!


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