“Stop Fucking Around” I’m not!!! :)

Perhaps you thought I wasn’t taking this blog seriously–at least with the last challenge anyway. Well, to that I reply with this long-ass list of realization. These come from the venn diagramming challenge so far.

They’re prioritized by “Value-creation impact:”

  1. Devote Parkinsoned time 80/20-ing what to 80/20 (& batch)
  2. 80/20 health & jobs on eLance
  3. Always bring more data to the table
  4. Put in time with goal in consciousness (time-effort)
  5. Top 2 parts integration
  6. “What really causes this?” (ask to ANYTHING I want)
  7. 360 words–Keep developing consciously with blog
  8. Sell keyboard for $70
  9. Pay a certain (100) rejections to achieve this skill (sex)
  10. Play with different writing–thinking–styles to improve my income
  11. Induce EMOTIONS, not reason to gain results–>works better
  12. Organize client avatars by NEEDS –> 80/20 by profit (ROI)
  13. How an organization creates value / delivers value / captures value? XXXX
  14. Apply influence to getting people to click “Accept proposal”
  15. Multiple perspectives, realities, styles, flavors–keep on expanding forever
  16. Impress mind with an hour a day of Q’s –> Quizlet to incant to ask or state consistently
  17. Read up on specific Buenos Aires attractions
  18. Combine influence patterns–personality, meta-programs, anchoring…–apply to copy
  19. Irresistable offer with people buying product –> get George such
  20. Organic coffee is an expanding market–devote life here?
  21. Develop thumbnail for this website—keep developing now
  22. Cold plunge daily next month–increases testosterone plus recovery
  23. 4-Hour PUA–Keep on doing 1%
  24. Learn sex from Steve Piccus
  25. Do DBEWUR–increase testosterone
  26. Combine tech study with meta-study–10 minutes story (daily)
  27. Whenever click input box, have audio play loop
  28. What best does she already link to being super sexually attractive?
  29. Keep uncovering WOW facts–build (own story when remembering)
  30. Do 20 swish patterns–approach, wealth, health, computer
  31. What’s it like to be her?
  32. Make Excel select empty cell next to today’s date
  33. Humans are like circles –> (Keep labeling each circle now)
  34. Measure the other person’s “loyalty, trust”
  35. Study 1 hour for every $25 invested
  36. Focus on testosterone development–read 4HB today (done)
  37. VA checks email –> Study 4HWW rules
  38. Write in stories–play with new writing formats, styles
  39. Add new thoughts to rehearsals –> Keep adding new ideas
  40. See incongruency “What are you not telling me?”
  41. Develop MULTIPLAYER games–allow users to build their own
  42. Do an hour of anchoring daily for 30 days
  43. Accept sting that many will blow off my blog (specify!)
  44. Test 1 week for $1,000
  45. What [demographic] already buy?
  46. 40 hours in simple ad
  47. Make Excel select empty cell next to today’s date
  48. Have Excel lock user out in 5 minutes daily
  49. Find highest value freelance –> Focus and dev for one
  50. Distill looseleaf to condensesd Premium Notebooks–this can help
  51. Learn frust/fears/pains & wants/desires/aspirations & outcome of Hooters girls
  52. Link a bunch of other successes to article (note patterns)
  53. For accountability terms, “What best else could this mean?”
  54. Maximize excitement for time off –also increase relax time
  55. Just grab one eZine article & learn it -> Record self delivering it entirely to camera (memory)
  56. Create abundance by limiting -> Make intention -> Scarcity into
  57. Use eLance to date –> Blog it –> Develop income with

So far, this venn diagramming challenge has inspired me to connect the unconnectable. Like, I would see a lamppost on my run and think “Edison/Tesla, thank you for the light bulb that would eventually branch into LCD technology that now serves as the light for my laptop screen.” Then I’d see the phone poles and think, “Thank you Alexander for making the phone that would connect millions, including me. Your invention would lead to the cell phone that I now play this music on–as well as the Internet that connected me to this music.”

Ever since venn diagramming, I’ve been able to make important connections more easily. I’ve been able to write a working, somewhat complicated Excel program from reading in 4 hours (granted, I have prior programming experience). I’ve been able to make useful metaphors out of thing (like when a spider landed in my face: “I must grow a better web to catch better prey”).

It’s all been extremely useful–especially because it models Google, the most successful Internet company ever. Also, this thinking models Facebook’s, eBay’s, Amazon’s, etc.

All in all, super useful 🙂

Aaron Bell out!



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