I’m A Spy Now! Keep Quiet (Task 60 Completed!)

Today, I visited Summer Ridge apartments–as a spy. 

It was pretty interesting to experience the level of enthusiasm that she gave me. It was profound to see such dedication to getting me to live there.

Was it my rocker style haircut? The designer Buckle jeans? The fitted shirt? The Cambridge journal? The $70 square-tipped leather shoes? Or was it my overall poise?

Well, maybe it’s the fact that I have money now. Or maybe it’s a racist reason (I’m white)–Who knows?

All I know is that this was frightening at first. Visiting this apartment complex without the intention to buy… was just outside of my comfort zone.

But you can find the article on the SEO-friendly site–it’s way better there 🙂

After a week or two, you’ll be able to reference this site as an authority. I can even get a hidden camera and microphone, and you’ll get the same salesmanship that I get!

Converse tomorrow?

Your Brother,




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