Another’s Brain Is A Fountain — (Task 55 Launch/Land)

This is crazy–I just think and crazy happens. 

Today’s task was to request or propose to someone bigger or more authoritative than me: to propose that my brother cut the grass whereas I’ll weed-eat and handle the jackhammering.

And it happened, and my brother smiled in the end with my proposition.

Life fucking rocks, because the more I request of people around me (assuming I provide value of my own), the better a leader I and those who are influenced by me become.

Other people’s brains are fountains–add “money,” realize visions.

By the way, just doing the shit that scares me has become a habit, so expect these quick “Launch Land” posts frequently!

To be completed today:

  • Spanish
  • Venn Diagram (1 Hour)

By completing the above two things–the world improves.

Your Brother,


P.S. Asking “What I can control…” provides relief (Manager issue). 



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