Slept Like A Dead Person (Task 51 DESTROYED!!! Hahaha)

Today almost didn’t work out, because I didn’t think that this would fly over too well with many people UNTIL i realized the fact that this would scare the shit out of me during normal circumstances.

What is this thing I’m talking about, you ask?

This thing I’m talking about is called taking a break from the online world.

Having been posting for an approximate 1.62 times a day (just on this blog), I was curious about the effects of a day off… or at least that’s what I wanted to think. Having been posting so consistently didn’t really have anything to do with it, what happened was this:

  • Listen to Hypnotica’s “Pushing Beyond Comfort” hypnosis
  • Wake up eight minutes before work (get there one minute late, but four minutes before manager)
  • Work like crazy (I’m outstanding at what I do)
  • Get home at 12:45 PM and start getting shit in order… until I check Facebook, Gmail, YouTube–it’s all downhill from there
  • Knowing that I need a break, I double-click Hypnotica’s strip-club themed “The Vacuum” hypnosis, and proceed to lie down for a thirty minute nap…
  • FUCK THAT!! 🙂 Hahaha I choose to sleep for NINE hour, which is “——————” long compared to “-” in sleep
  • I ponder how I’ll address you about this, until I realize that taking a break is exactly what would scare me anyway

Now, there’s a caveot here, this is the only day for the next fifty days that this can happen. We can’t go like “Oh, it just seemed a little scary, so I just didn’t post.”

No. I don’t even WANT to do that.

We need to do something like “make rest a priority” instead.

Anyway, because of the time, I”m also going to launch today’s task as well (sorry for not editing this shitty draft–if this seems uncohesive). Here’s what goes on for today:

  • Spanish (Lesson 51 I believe)
  • Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine
  • An Hour of Power
  • Invest $41 in web hosting and Google Advertising (this needs to happen)

The most intense of the items on this list definitely is not among the first three–I’ve been doing those for a while and just need to get back in the groove of doing them daily. It’s the fourth one that’s actually the most intense.

Because it’s a risk of losing money on an ad–a risk of investing money into verifying a level of inaccuracy in my thinking.

And because of this uncertainty, we’re definitely doing it. Anytime there’s that feeling of vagueness and unclarity, it’s always my favorite thing to do to just jump into it.

Anyway, this article sets a new record for the “Greatest Content, Shittiest Draft,” so I would like an award from you please 😉

We’ll get this done today, and I’ll see you tonight, bro!

Your Broseph,

Aaron Bell



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