Ever Completed 2 Tasks For One? (Task 50 Dominated!)

Today I hugged my manager and got that trained “Don’t touch me” reaction. I remember that girl from this weekend beg to be on my team, hug me,, get nervous around me, get all sexual with me, laugh whenever I say the word “Vagina” as she stays on my side of a game of cornhole with me, and overall want to have sex with me on every level as this happens, and I just immediately go back to put stuff in my locker and sweep the floor as I do:

  • Ho’oponopono (FUCKING ELITE SHIT)
  • Contemplate death (the worst can never happen)
  • “What (best) if it was a gift?” (c: Mark Manson)
  • Visualize her in her underwear S-ing my D
  • Contemplate other finance options as daymares of her filing sexual assault claims on me (for a hug?? hahaha)
  • Kept the shield that Hypnotica helped me build in a hypnosis-meditation up (had this armor on since before the hug in the case that something like this would happen)

… all to emotionally detach from her like a fucking wizard. When I kept on doing what I do, which is kick ass and serve as the foundation of an awesome cooking experience for everyone there while staying centered as fuck, she constantly acknowledges me and says “I appreciate what you’re doing” and asks me about my weekend and overall chills around me me and requests extraneous tasks–perhaps to extend my time there. She even makes it a freaking point to yell out “Have a good day!” in the loudest voice I’ve ever heard when I say bye to this beautiful on more than one level brunette girl (tell you about her in a moment).

What i think happened was she realized the harshity of what she had done, but I don’t blame her for behaving harshly FOR EVEN ONE SECOND. She’s been through so many guys making needy, groping, sexual-advances on her in the form of hugging and awkward touching for so many years that I blame her ZERO for such a reaction.

Not to mention that it was shit test (to me) that I passed. The reason that it’s a shit test, I think, is because when shit tests are aced or “passed,” the woman’s attraction for you increases exponentially. It was fucking awesome then, because i, by accident, revved up some attraction here.

Awesome 🙂

Then there’s this girl, the beautiful brunette who I said bye to before leaving today. This one was interesting because it was a random desire of mine just to say “Hey, I want to see Monsters University with you.”

It wasn’t planned (consciously); it just happened, thanks to some seriously powerful training that Erik has given me, especially with Track #14: “Pushing Beyond Comfort” which has unlimited potential to change the lives of any man (assuming you’ve done his other training).

It was beautiful just to think about doing something with her and just state that thought. “I want to see Monsters University with you today” and just enjoy a powerful exchange of body language as she still stays around me for a bit when I ask her. 

We’ll see how that goes, because I’ve detached from the thought of seeing it already, and going to work to see the result is something that interests me for tomorrow.

(That’s it!)

Let me know if this helps in some way, because this was just a kick-ass entry that shows progress. The insane ability to just do a thing in a centered way so consistently…. I just smile whenever I think about it.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I have NOT been doing the Hour of Power AT ALL over the past four days–it’s fucking ridiculous! I now decide, commit, and resolve to complete the Daily Bio-Energizer Routine between 10:30 PM and 10:45 PM tonight and finish an Hour of Power by 1:00 AM tonight. I almost want to not count this day if this is not done.

Let’s get shit settled and done–especially because this incantation that combines Tony’s Sales Incantation with sexual intention has worked wonders for me lately.

That’s it for tonight 😉

Your Brother,

Aaron Bell


P.S. Here was the original task launch. Though a different task would be mine to complete, here’s what I had originally intended:

P.P.S. This crazily sick remix of “Sleazy” by Ke$ha connects me a little more with a woman’s thoughts on most men these days. You CAN check out the original song by Ke$ha.

P.P.P.S. Play with “money as a religion” (Money generated from value creation as religion)

Personal Note: Follow up with movie intention 


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