Do You Not Like The Audio? (Task 49 Complete!)

Today flows quite smoothly as I’ve approached the first fifteen in a row when I saw my sister at South Haven today on the beach. LIterally having the flashcards out that we can use, I definitely made some incredible advancements in the field of sexual suggestion.

  • “Have you ever experienced the perfect man right before your eyes?” as I point to myself
  • If you were to feel extremely perfect and mysterious around a total 10 man, what would you say?
  • When you feel totally aroused, are you an awesome person?

All awesome things to say, because they’re so covert.

Now, some quick notes:

  • The woman I gave a big hug to yesterday demanded that she be on my team for the Like Minds board game
  • She fully accepts all touch that I give her.
  • She played cornhole with me on my side–yes
  • SHe constantly gives me high fives
  • Total eye dilation around me
  • Sex talk–she laughs
  • She sprayed bug spray on my legs and arms
  • She retrieved a Mike’s [Soft… ;)] Lemonade for me
  • I know that she sees my sexual communication as the subtext below her overt relationship with Mike

It’s so fucking cool to have something so obviously sexual and covert that another person cannot understand–it’s like having a cipher that works.

It’s interesting, too, because I always used to think that my sexual communication was obvious to everyone.

ANYWAY, I completed 15 embedded commands (sex-inducing) with a bunch of random people at South Haven PLUS I finished the last five with people around here.

Super awesome.

Love this. Will chat with you tomorrow 😉

Your Bro,




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