Stupidity Has Many Forms (Pre-Task 49 Launch)

Stupidity has many forms.

  • Breaking promises, a person cracks the mirror (cracks himself) that others use to see themselves
  • Evil or negativity.
  • Jealousy (that skinny body can be yours if you’ll stop hating the fact that they have and you don’t)
  • A bad ratio of drafting to editing (mine’s 99.99% drafting to 00.01% editing)–knowing damn well that reading is 99.99% more strenuous reading or watching (I NEVER read–I do hyper-focused 30 minute session of infomining via Photoreading)
  • Not podcasting this
  • Not limiting the words in this article
  • Not prioritizing article ideas

Unfinished are two hours of wealth-building material. Unfinished are 45 minutes of stamping positive thoughts into my brain and 10 minutes of testosterone generation. Unfinished are sexual fantasies turned real.

And (GOD DAMMIT) unfinished is a half-hour Spanish lesson that I really craved to study today.

After this Independence Day weekend, I know that PEOPLE are the ultimate distraction. Distract yourself less by people-less.



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