The Task That Changes All Tasks–This One Is GOD (Task 47 Ultimately Completed!!! :) )

Wow. THAT was the most challenging task that I’ve done so far.

I literally wanted to just drive away on the fourth knock, because here’s what happened: The 1st person answered, but the next three were “no-answers.” In the end… guess what?… I would ROCK THE SHIT OUT OF ALL FIVE REAL INTERACTIONS!!! FUCK YES! FUCK YES! FUCK YES!



MY FUCKING WORLD BENDS AND WARPS THE SENSES OF ALL WHO INTERACT WITH ME. This world loves me in all forms, so I now make love in all forms with this world.

To congruify this awesome day better, here are some specifics:

  • 1st House = Oscar. From Bolivia; Fluent in Spanish. Tells me to come back later
  • 2nd House = Blonde lady; shrugs me off; could’ve been more persistent if I was “in state.”
  • 3rd House = Extraverted, smiling, black-haired gym lady;
  • 4th House = Chinese man; quietly says no; i’m smiling so hard at this point
  • 5th House = Fluffy lady with black-hair; Three kids under seven play near the entrance; her smile tells me that I’ve made her day better by talking with her

In other words, I fucking did it! This one was harder than the 20 approaches a day, but I DID IT 🙂

As a result, the self-confidence and respect that I have since harvested from these exercises have become obvious–women behave differently now (so many stories), alphas accept suggestions and “orders” (directions) from me, regardless of their age, my parents buy me things, fellow partiers offer me drugs FIRST, and my suggestions and thoughts become heavier for others.

Post-Day Edit: Again with women. Women really do treat me differently. I give this woman a BIG hug and spin around and set her down. She smiles and feels accepting and refreshed from this experience. This other woman, like the first, enjoys talking about boobs and sex around me with her husband. And both those women are nothin’ compared to the freaking eye-dilation that I see in this one guy’s girl.

With my mother, she constantly calls me her “favorite,” My brother hears these comments, too, because she says them flat out in front of everyone. The only reason my brother doesn’t behave jealously is because he knows what we both went through in our childhood–and it involved a lot of decibels at above a healthy range above the ear.

With my grandparents. Well, they, like the women and my parents, each constantly look at me as an authority to lead the conversation. Part of this authority, too, is through suggesting to them that they’re still beautiful, human creatures that have wondered this planet and who’ve given this world a lot of genuinely smiling faces.

With conversations, Sex and similar topics flow freely when I’m around. The women and men (and my parents and grandparents) I see in my mind when I write about this relax their muscles significantly when we get these general thoughts out into the world.

With physical touch, I putting my arms around both a man’s (a friend’s wife) and a guy-friend of my sister’s (who’s also a friend). The thought of this once freaked me out.

This girl (the girl I hugged) makes it super obvious that she’s attracted to me by stutter stepping to me to talk about a frozen drink that she’s making for tomorrow (ummm, what do guys do with women that they want to boink? Get ’em drunk 😉 ) (Post-Day Note: Those popsicles were delicious).

Anyway, I’m still in the “partying zone” (fuck yes I’m celebrating), so let me get back to you tomorrow with cleaner update that involves: bottle rocket blitz, the deal, knowing how to move forward. (Post-Day Note: None of these are really significant enough to write about with enthusiasm.)

I discovered myself from completing this task. Selling toothbrush sanitizing services has given me this glowing aura of confidence, an aura of confidence with a smooth, low drone that people can feel.

And with this completion, this self-discovery, it’s good to know that the exercises for The Collection of Confidence have officially been completed. While I’ll find myself repeating these exercises over and over and over again (to really incorporate them into myself), it’s DONE. It’s so done. Irrevocably done.

And this world is mine, because it.

Let’s pay homage, then, to Erik von Sydow, the Hypnotica, the power, because this is really a man who stretched my world view, a man who trained me to stretch my world view myself, in ways that i thought possible. Pay homage below:

“For Free inner game resources click link here

Your Brother,



P.S. Unedited posts are unacceptable as of tomorrow–look forward to giving you some quality work tomorrow (as well as editing this post). You deserve the best, and I would like to make this easier on you 😉 (Post-Day Note: Edited)


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