Discover How Selling Face-To-Face To Completes The Collection of Confidence (Task 47 Launch!)

The task has been set–it’s time. Let’s do this. 

We can definitely do this. It’s awesome. This will be amazing

The task is to go sell toothbrush sanitizing services to five different people at their homes with a totally serious face–much like this task.

The only difference is that in order for it to count–I need to be serious for a minimum of the first four minutes BUT preferably 100% through and through.

That’s the only official task for today, but I’m excited to do serious sales today. Yes, it will be Amway (frankly, it’s the only semi-viable thing to sell, and Seth Godin likes Zig Ziglar who was associated with Amway, if that means anything to you.)

Though, you can yell at me about the stupidity of Amway later–today’s task is focused on five  doors that open for me within the context of toothbrush sanitizing services (for $25).

Another thing, too, with this, this task gives me a leg up to other people online who will never do face-to-face selling… by doing this, there’ll be subtle nuances that I’m able to learn now that most Internet Marketers will never learn–simply because they don’t see the immediate feedback that comes from the face-to-face interaction that they’re too scared to face.

That’s it for today! I’m listening to I Love Marketing as we speak right now to complete the 2 hours of wealth-development for today, and the Hour of Power and the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine have already been completed.

Before I sign off though, I’m creating a sales letter for a buy one $25 half-hour of coaching get one half-hour of coaching for a free. I’m proficient at very specific things and not proficient at others–this sales letter will describe that and share with you whether this offer would be valuable to you or not.

Just keeping you updated.

Alright, talk later tonight 😉

Your Brother,




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