Life Changes NOW–I’ve HAD IT (Meta-Task 46A DONE!)

Today was the lesson of Unconscious Programming.

Because I didn’t wake up this morning and do the Hour of Power as needed, a massive group of beautiful women flew by my supposedly-trained eye in terms of networking and relationship-building. Because, as you know, tonight is the Eve of the Fourth of July.

Wow, there were so many babes along the road of the strip club that I went to (I was on my way home from this girl’s place–not coming/going to the strip club) that I know that I could’ve elevated my dating and sex life by at least 10% by doing a walk-around at that field–there were at least two hundred people packed into one spot.

Which brings me to the pre-launch of tomorrow’s task before it even happens: for this week, in addition to the Meta-Task of two hours of wealth-building, an Hour of Power needs to be done between 4:30 AM and 6:30 AM EVERY MORNING between July 4, 2013 and July 11, 2013. I’ve had it with not doing what I need to do because of shitty Unconscious Programming. If I would’ve done the Hour of Power earlier today (or today at all), I’m 100% positive that I would’ve interacted with 900% more women tonight.

Also, by doing this Meta-Task in addition to the two hours of wealth-building audio, I’m firmly convinced that all Unconscious faculties of the mind will be covered, and I’m pretty much guaranteed to make massive progress as a result of it. Especially in regard to the task that I’m committed to doing on July 5th (July 4th, perhaps), in that I go sell 100 people Amway products (yes, part of the reason I say Amway products is because you may have felt a slight distaste in your mouth from that word–this exercise may give me the opportunity to give less of a fuck about that judgement of said products.)

So, tomorrow, I’m pumped to go for an Hour of Power run @ 4:30 AM, get a couple hours of studying in, go to work, and build some wealth to a maximum degree. By doing these tasks that we’ve mentioned thus far, I’m certain that some supreme income and pussy will result of it–though I prefer to call it a hyper-quality sexual life in general.

Anyway, I’m literally marking it in my calendar for 2014 to really prepare for July 3rd more than any other holiday of the year. though I’m certain that my world will become so fantastically different that I won’t even notice that reminder.

So, again, the key things to note from this are:

  • The two hours were done with much effect (Major Focus: “Work on developing the target client avatar”)
  • No Hour of Power was done today–this is total bullshit (should I do one now and one within five hours from now?)
  • Spanish was definitely done, but no darts were thrown (I need more space!! and better darts!! my skill and form have outgrown my current dart setup)
  • No follow-up discussion with the strip club manager–need to do that tomorrow (today still counts under “one thing a day that scares you” criteria)
  • Tomorrow’s the first day of Hour of Power from 4:30 AM to 6:30 AM
  • At least ten practice sessions of waking up every day is super important
  • Need to streamline everything before I sleep tonight
  • Still need to maintain the 20 approaches a day mindset

Anyway, yeah, I’m going to streamline the fuck out of everything now, because I’m 100% committed to making this work–I don’t care how hard it gets, my gut reaction to everything will be absolute perfection in all things that progress me toward my goal.

I’ll fill you in on the details tomorrow before work šŸ™‚


Your Brother,




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