Dunked It! Getting Buff PLUS Getting Numbers… Must Happen With Our Next Challenge :) (Task 45 Complete!?)

Update Dos: 4 approaches at Louie’s tonight–straight after listening to the “unlocked” meditation that Hypnotica provides (he explicitly suggests that the listener does not move onto the next session until he’s interacted with 20 women every day for an entire week).

(Hopefully this isn’t a TLDNR moment  )

(Stream of Consciousness)

Women were circling around me, calling me hot (after plainly stating that I love cats, she told me how cat guys were “trait X, trait Y, hot, etc.”). The same girl kept a firm hold to my chair–keeping her self pointed to me until I reminded her about him. She would then come back to me as I just simply talk to her friends–she pokes me in the chest with two fingers–I comment on her big ass ring. The girl next to me sells sex toys; I tell her she’s cheating for using pheromones (my legs wrap around her almost in terms of wide-legged-facing-her body language). When I leave for the night, I know straight out that my sexual integrity and vibe has changed. 

A very sexual, 51-minute phone call with a girl I met at WMU verifies this. We talk for 51 minutes (at a time where she originally wanted to sleep for work tomorrow). Talking about the strip club yesterday, girls making out with each other, and people being attracted to their moms or dads, we speak about how women have this innate desire to dominate the world… which secretly builds their desire to be dominated in place. Having planted the seed for a house party, teaching her to play darts, and playing raquetball at the Bronson Athletic Center, I’m confident that I will see her tomorrow after work  I’ll be approaching more women tomorrow regardless. 

Now, as I sit here at 2:10 AM in the morning, I”m just reflecting back on this week, reflecting on how outstandingly a few words spoken in the right manner (that is, how Hypnotica’s hypnosis and general coaching) has made a significant dent in the quality of my life. Because of this, the world has now become mine, which means I now have full authority to share it with more people than ever before. 

In other words, there is no more toleration of shitty thoughts, shitty feelings, and shitty behavior. The confidence to make the tough decisions and make the calls that can change a life has been granted to me. Having been granted this supreme level of confidence, motivation, and acted-upon decisiveness, I am now more than ready to step up and help other people admit that they’ve been dissatisfied with their quality of life, and ultimately prod them to build momentum to change it.

My destiny is with helping those to who most need to improve to improve. My destiny is to convert our society from tragedy and obesity and sexual deprivation one of absolute abundance. My destiny is to help those who have helped me to come this far to even greater heights, because now is the time to really set a new example for those around us. 

Thank you for reading this–because this has been one of the most evolving moments of my life. 

Thank you for reading this–because you’ve been a person that I’ve been able to connect with more than anyone else I knoww.

Thank you for reading this–for being my friend.

Thank you,

Your Brother In Blood,

Aaron Bell


So, today I made 23 approaches, but 2 of them were questionable (too far away? not following through enough? pure intention? just passing by?) and 2 of them were men that I think I could come to respect (i.e. for buffness, affluence, intellect, etc.). We could say with veracity that tonight’s objective was complete, but I’m heading over to Louie’s tonight (a local bar, just to clarify) to get a minimum of one more approach in.

Here’s the basis of what went down:

  • Worked out for two hours at the BAC (the Stair-Stepper… wow, that machine makes me sweat more in ten minutes than running does for an hour), talked with 9-10 women there (one of was questionable as far as the definition of “approach” goes) and two cool guys
  • Also at the Bronson Athletic Club, I saw the treadmills loaded with gorgeous pussy–the best way I can describe handling that situation, at the moment, is an ounce is a misdemeanor, a pound is a felony, so I went with the potential misdemeanor and only talked with one of them 😉 (BS Reason: the staff might kick me out of my regular gym for interacting with other members too much)
  • After two hours, I headed over to Target to a buy a gallon of chocolate milk, knowing full well that I would buy a second gallon of chocolate milk at Meijers, the other grocery store. Fine women walked all along that store, and I spoke with six total (four as “for sure” approaches). Something fun that I discovered was to ask people what their favorite “cool-sounding” dish was (couscous?)
  • At Meijers, I interacted for sure with three and definitely did four (five?) approaches there. A Polish woman recommends potato Gnocchi for an excellent side dish 🙂 (I’m so for this)

So, yeah, today went really well, and I’m excited to make more things like this happen in the future.

I can feel my sexual energy revving up, too, because I’ve been meditating for a minimum of 20 minutes a day recently on “What best is my ultimate vision of best quadrupling my sexual energy every day?” with maximum results. The women I speak with can feel it (their tone has that sexual vibe to it–I feel almost like a celebrity when I interact with them because of their reactions to me.

That’s all for tonight, though, I’ll update you on Louie’s tomorrow when I launch the next task by 7:00am tomorrow. Cool? 🙂

Your Friend,

Aaron Bell


P.S. I’m not super proficient at Photoshop yet, but I can definitely start sketching out some thumbnails. We’ll get one sketched out with tomorrow’s post haha 🙂

P.P.S. Got some pretty outstanding vibes going with this girl, “J,” that I met on WMU yesterday–we’ll see how things go 😉

P.P.P.S. You can tell me if I need an editor haha


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