2 Hours Of Money Printing A Day… Hahaha (Meta-Task 46 Honored!!)

(Brief Update Dos: Having listened to the fifth and final part of Erik von Sydow’s Collection of Confidence, the next task is coming as soon as I increase my income to pay for the trip to St. Joseph, MI. I’m now doing whatever it takes to increase my current income as quickly as possible to ride over to St. Joseph to fully challenge my abilities in the deepest way possible, by:

  1. Selling toothbrush cleanings to ten people (specifically, knock on ten doors that ACTUALLY OPEN UP) for day 1, and
  2. Sell Amway (semi-shudder) products to one hundred people (speciically ten doors that ACTUALLY OPEN UP) for day 2

Though I’ll be able to create more value on day 2 by actually selling a product that people can use, day one will be hilarious and will provide the context for selling products for a company that many consider sickening.

And it’s for that reason that I’m doing it. eBay, eLance, yard work, strip club work, whatever is now being done to elevate the finances to easily cover this trip.

Your Brother,


(Brief Update: Having studied PU (Venusian Arts) for five years running now, finances have easily been the biggest, most consistent challenge for me through all those years. Which is why a single month of “financed game” just easily trumped a year of high school game when I lived with my parents.

Let me be an example, if you will let me be that for you, of the kind of transformation that you need–if wealth is something you can really use at the moment. Because what’s about to happen is something that will forever change my life and yours.

Just you see. I can feel it.

Your Bro,



Today, we make an important step now between you and me. It’s the step of fiscal-super-responsibility. 

Let me spill the details.

Every day between now and Task 55 (July 13th, 2013, I believe), I need to have an audio on (AUDIO, not text) that centers around finance, business, wealth, etc. for TWO HOURS a day. I’m free to do other things in the mean time (especially work out, ask questions, answer questions, attract women), but that audio on wealth development MUST be playing for a minimum of two hours every single day.

Which can be easy, if wanted to be, because there’s plenty of “mindless” work, extraneous learning, and long car rides that can easily absorb two hours of personal development in the form of finances.

Because, though I don’t know about you, I’ve had enough of my finances not being in order. It’s god damned time to bring in the absolute wealth I (and you) deserve.

It’s ridiculous that I haven’t handled this by now. Absolute abundance (I DO have a specific figure in mind) must happen

And it’s through this exercise that we speed up its progress.

Your Brother Forever,

Aaron Fucking Bell

P.S. I’m still making a minimum of 10 approaches a day–until this coming Tuesday–where I must approach 20 a day for another 7 days. New challenges coming up with those twenty a day, too–like super Day 2’s (multiple women–at once?), escalation, phone numbers, performing new sexual techniques, etc.  You’ll like the way it looks… I guarantee it 😉

P.P.S. Practiced waking up to an ultimate morning ritual five times just now–just as a side-note.

P.P.P.S. I’m following up with the strip club today for work.



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