We’ve Done Our Workout… Now Our Bodies Need Rest :) (Task 44 Complete!)

Needing sleep so bad it hurt today. Perhaps you may have noticed when the posts stopped being as useful as they could’ve been (by being more about me than you, my friend).

So, please allow me to apologize for that and simply say that today’s task was gloriously ravished, and that applying for the strip club–where there’s the potential to get “rejected” from (working with) 20 women–induced the scared feeling more than the 20 approaches at this point.

And also allow me to apologize for such a weird way of getting the third task (Spanish done), because saying something like “completing it through conversations in Spanish with strangers” (I can speak pretty damn well with them now) or “listening to a(n old) Spanish session in my car while visualizing playing darts perfectly” was what was done to complete 10 minutes more than the allotted 30-minutes of Spanish assigned for today.

Quick Note:: This Italian man who sounds Russian started speaking Spanish with me after making a couple obviously practiced jokes and gossip with me about parking tickets and the American police in English with me (haha). It feels so cool when I find myself understanding 80% of what he says.

Now, tonight will be a good night to rest up and gain some energy back. As you’ve probably noticed, there hasn’t even been that much in this blog post about the scariest part of today: Applying for the strip club.

And it gets more intense in this untold part of the story, too, because everything flows so smoothly until one of my good friends–a leading (#2 in the nation) sales account executive for McKesson (Health Care Information Technology)–tells me that doing so isn’t good for my resume.

And though I’m more of a business-minded person, when I remember that this is the same man who testified to my level of work for when I applied to Hooters (outstanding–because it is), I feel how I’m directly contradicting his thoughts, opinions, advice from our conversation earlier outside the courthouse (just before paying a $93 probation fee) as I follow through and sign my name on that paper to Deja Vu. But, in the end…

I know what I want.

Working with beautiful women all day while becoming closer to the man that I see in my head every single day is worth ANY price–especially at price of “rejection” (even if it’s a long-time, high-valued sales mentor).

And with that, I’m going to say goodnight to you. By getting some sleep tonight, you’ll be getting higher quality posts with higher quality tasks and achievements.

So, goodnight, bro. Your support means aeons to me 🙂

Your Brother For Real,


P.S. Approaching 20 women a day literally becomes more and more a “natural way of doing things” with every day that passes. because It’s more comfortable to experience that “Uhh!” moment (what you might call “anxiety”) to approach every woman I see now than not doing it. It’s literally more comfortable, in many ways, to speak with women  on a moment’s notice than it is not to speak with them. Humans a freaking incredible when you realize the extent of how much we can “get used” to 🙂  Goodnight!



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