There’s Only So Much We Can Do :) (Task 45 Launch!)

There’s so much to talk about now that I’m well-rested. Whether it’s about how my dreams general dictate the results I will get the next day (I had a dream about boinking this fantastically attractive stripper-class woman) or about the level of results I’ve been generating for others and myself lately (like with Hooters, the level of intimacy with my interactions, my sexual energy), there’s just so much to talk about that it needs to be boiled and distilled into the purest of information for you to easily digest.

So, we’ll just talk about the task for today and then consider a few logistics (we’ll talk more later tonight when things are totally and completely done):

  • Tonight’s the last night for 20 approaches (though I’m definitely keeping this habit–because it’s so much easier to talk with new women now)–the “Approaching Meditation” will now officially be available to listen to in The Collection of Confidence (though I’m thinking that it might’ve been intended for BEFORE this challenge)
  • Definitely need to raise the standards for working online–I’ll be doing some preparation for tonight and for working on, but I’ll just leave tonight’s challenge with “Approach 20 women” (at the BAC and Barnes & Noble), especially because I’ve completed the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine and 30 minutes of Spanish today

And this reminds me, there are so many things that used to be difficult when I started this blog that have now become an everyday “part of me” now. For example, I didn’t do the Hour of Power (an hour and fifteen minutes of working out, if you recall) every single day (mostly) as I do now, nor did I do the work at Hooters as efficiently or effectively as I do now, among many other things.

One thing that’s definitely different, as you may notice, is the regularity of massive quantities of interactions with beautiful women. It amazes me when I see how different life becomes when you just increase the number (and not necessarily the quantity–though it happens) of relationship possibilities just by starting the interactions for yourself.

It’s beautiful because so many women are just 100% willing (and craving) to interact with you, but they want you to give them the chance. So, just give them the chance, and your odds of starting a wonderful (sexual?) relationship go way up.

That’s my observation.

Oh, and for the strip club occupation, I’m going to follow up by listening to a bit of Tony Robbins and going in this week to thank the manager “for giving me the opportunity to help.” Not only is this a really good-feeling way to express gratitude for the time with the manager, it’s also what allowed me to do something I really enjoy doing at Hooters (I get to learn to cook in the day and make the place look outstanding in the morning 🙂 ).

So, we’ll see how great the interaction with manager goes–because it’s one of my favorite places in the universe, and I would like to be a part of that team there (the guys there are great role models when it comes to being a “sexually-grounded,” dominant man, too, and it’d be great to have them as part of the reference group in my everyday surroundings).

Anyway, converse tonight, bro?

I’ll have something for you by 10:30PM tonight 😉

Your Bro,



Self-Note: Start making thumbnails like videos on YouTube do to make these posts more attractive.


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