Nourish The ROOTS, Not The Stems… (Task 44 Launch!)

Here’s the task for today:

  • Approach 20 women (5 must be on the Western Michigan University campus), and
  • Apply to work for Déjà vu (the strip club from yesterday)
  • Do a half-hour darts-and-Spanish lesson (30 minutes of Pimsleur)

All of this needs to be done by 5:00 or this task has “failed.”

(If this seems a little quick, it’s so that the commitment gets out to you before I have the chance to change my mind).

Converse with you tonight, alright? 🙂

Let me know if you’re pissed about the late post last night OR if you think that approaching at a strip club was not cool (“approaching” at a strip club is super easy–at least for me–when compared to approaching at a store or coffee shop or even at Hooters).

Your Bro,

Aaron 😉



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