There’s Only So Much Amazing You Can Improve In 42 Days, But I’ve Yet To Find It Out How Much!! (Task 42 LANDED YO!!)

Oh dear sweet Jesus I love modern Irish music.

Irish festival was awesome. Especially because I thought I’d spend eight dollars to get in, and I got in for free, courtesy of coming in at the end of the festival (the end is ALWAYS best part anyway).

So, I get in, it’s really interesting because the usually warm-up period ensued after I stepped onto the parking lot of Bell’s brewery (not mine). A couple steps out of their car with me that I step toward before immediately going my own direction.

Needless to say, it went just like any other “sarge” (though I call it practice):

  • Get my introverted ass out into the crowd
  • Say something mundane or stupid or comfortable to me for the first few approaches
  • Fill myself with absolute power when the second, third, fourth group smiles at me before I move onto the next group
  • Start doing the crazy shit I intended to do in the first place
  • Get to the point where she definitely gives me the green light
  • At the point of the green light, my sexual energy has depleted into the crowd–more meditation on enhancing my sexual energy is required

An interesting specific of the night, too, is that twenty minutes in I went onto the dance floor just before the stage where this familiar looking guy in a fully adorned Irish outfit stood next to this dtf stoned girl. Some pounding Irish song blasted on full volume and we stomped our feet like we were trying to crack the earth.

And it was fun because Irish music requires some intense movement and wide body expressions, which automatically releases shots of testosterone and into your body while your body simultaneously mops up extra cortisol or stress (credit: Amy Cuddy of Princeton).

The best (and predictable) part, too, was that people saw me having a blast, and all these women (and shy men) crawled onto the massive wooden board (to protect the brick from our stomps) that was our mosh pit–within five minutes, eight different women had physically connected with me as we danced together in a crazy Irish fashion. IIIII II

As we did that for a four minute song, I was practically beat–I already had visions of chilling out in front of the computer ever since the very moment I had stepped out of that car. So, instead of sticking around on stage for the rest of the show, And at this point I had already interacted with 13 out of the 20 people or groups that I needed to do for tonight, so Just started walking back to my car.

One lit smile. Three lit smiles. Six lit smiles (for ten total so far). Another girl smiles at me as she starts dancing in front of me. I take her hand and start dancing in circles. Twirling her, I pull her in for a hug–the dancing pulled blood away from my would-be erection, but it was really hot holding her in there–especially because she was talking about drawing penises and tornados (I mentioned Super Bad) going in AND out of the tornado… and in and out… and in and out… Anytime I think of this moment, I visualize myself making out with her, because it was right there to happen.  This other girl with a horse-ish style face comes around (she’s hot not in a scandalize kind of way but in a gorgeous, beauty kind of way). I immediately tell Carrie, “C’mon!” and grab her hand as I grab horse-girl’s hand where start dancing with an Irish kick in a circle for a good forty-five seconds.

We stop, and she gives me the usual “Were you the guy dancing out there?” I tell her that I don’t know who she’s talking about. She tells me, “I was following you out there. You were so legit and had the arm movements going.” I promptly tell her that I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. She doesn’t hear me.

After the dance, Carrie leaves. Perhaps she leaves because she sees me with the more beautiful woman (horse-girl), yet after a couple minutes, the intense semi-sexual, super connection fizzles out. In the moment, I think that it’s because of a personality conflict, but now I know that it was because I wasn’t in tune with my sexual energy.

Erik von Sydow (Hypnotica) says that sexual energy is like the drone, the subtle, deep bass going on in the background of the song you’re hearing. That was there when we were dancing, but I had dropped that.

It’s awesome, though, because it was so, so easy to command the authority of this entire festival. I could go anywhere and girls AND guys–even if they were a couple–would light up in a conversation with me (I can at least GUESS that it was “anywhere” because I did twenty-one freaking approaches in this place). WIth just a little bit of nutrition, sexual education, and skill-realignment, this world’s pussy will wrap around my cock every single night.

Other things of note:

  • I took a three hour 20-minute nap and woke up at 6:15 thinking that I was late for work
    • When I wake up, I suddenly remember that I dreamt of Neil Strauss giving me pointers on writing (as well as negs)
    • Also in the dream, my dad also bit me in my dreams, and I broke his fingers as we crashed into the car (my father and I are on good terms–just thought it was interesting)
  • Completed the Hour of Power (something that needed to happen over the past two days)
  • Completed the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine (which I give credit to the sexual energy I STARTED the night with)
  • Spanish plus darts for thirty minutes
  • Wrote down everything that I did for today on paper before doing it (ahhh, the control feels amazing)
  • Socratic Steroids, an audio program my friend Paul and I created works wonders with alleviating approach anxiety helps me at least triple my productivity at work
  • This girl gave me four tickets worth $15 each to a Mixed Martial arts cage fight-concert mix in Ann Arbor for July 12th–I’m so going to this (there are many people that are so getting visited in Ann Arbor for that weekend)
  • Deep breathing and hydration are crucial for your energy levels

I could also talk about how “just approaching” is NOT always the best solution to improving your game, but I’ll save that for another post later. That post will involve a conversation about how you need to keep pushing the progress of EACH interactions more and more–instead of just having a massive number of semi-shitty interactions.

More later, though, because that’s something that can span for a few days of writing 🙂 We’ll just stick with this incredible success of Irish Fest, the Hour of Power, and the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine.

Seriously, the level of faith and conviction I have in my ability to achieve whatever I want to achieve has been multiplied in quality tonight. Tonight was a night where I didn’t really want to do anything but sleep, but I totally made it work (it’s so awesome!!).

Let me know if you enjoy these blog posts, because you’ve been a major area of support for me. Ever since I’ve started blogging for you, my life has transformed on every level–from finances (especially finances) to health to my massive levels of confidence (extreme now!) to my language ability (I can speak Spanish muy, MUY bien ahora (now)) to my ability to follow through and establish real, life changing habits.

You’ve really made a massive impact on my life, because it is a joy to become a better and better example with each post–It’s just fulfilling on many levels.

So thanks again, brother, and know that I’ll always be here when you need me 🙂 Just come back to this blog when you’re in need of a little support or are feeling down okay? Maybe there’s something here that can inspire you through a tough situation (there have been many for me).

Look forward to conversing with you tomorrow, because this may just get even better due to what I’ve learned tonight.

Goodnight bro 🙂 Stay awesome!

Your Brother,

Aaron Bell



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