Any Action She Does Is A Bold-Faced Lie (Task 41 Landing!)

There’s so much to comment about today’s task that it’s not even funny. For example, we could talk about planning sarging locations, distractions, abundance mentality, fucking eBay, how to handle unexpected events (like festivals you didn’t know about), coming to grips with leverage (in the case that you messed up like I did a while back), the art of dressing well, lack of sleep and its affect on your life, and more ad infinitum. 

So, instead of commenting on all of that, I’d like to make a single moment stand out for you as it does in my mind approximately four hours later. Here’s how it goes:

  • She was on her elliptical, watching some health infomercial
  • Walk past her and pretend to recognizer her–connecting my energy into hers as I touch her upper arm below the shoulder
  • “Genine??” I ask–knowing damn well it’s just some random girl I met
  • She smiles at me and holds me down in her energy through her smile there for several moments
  • An electrical magnetism really does slide from my shoulders and the inside of my neck where my spine is–it feels just like when you pull two strong magnets apart from each other as I leave
  • She maintains eye contact with me as she continues her elliptical training, even as I’m the first to begin walking away
  • Immediately think about how true Mark Manson’s chapter on “Demographics” is in his book Models (I really, really enjoy affectionate, sexually open, health-minded people)–the mutual attraction there was obvious

Now, perhaps it could’ve been a number of other things (as it often is). It could’ve been that she had an awkward tension between her and the guy two ellipticals over  that I relieved (I never do this anymore–always just pick the treadmill that’s right next to her, because its even more awkward if it’s slightly away from her). It could’ve been that she just had had a really awesome day and was just in a happy, attractive mood. Maybe it could’ve been that I had had relieved some of the boredom the comes with ellipticizing for an hour.

But if I had to bet a million dollars (if I HAD to… not saying I would), I’d say that she was the fat girl turned attractive through healthy habits and that she was grateful to have a poised and together guy who she could actually like approach her.

That’s not bragging by the way, because that’s what any man will get from working on his posture and personal reality. In fact, the results that I’ve gotten are nowhere near what I could have been at by now if I would’ve been smarter about developing myself as a person (like with what you see now: Leverage, accountability, support, mentors, etc.)

Anyway, yeah, all that’s left besides that is that the calibration questions were asked, Spanish was done, and darts were played  today. Oh, and also the eBay listing actually went up tonight, which is good because I had promised you that I would do it 😉

Anyway, there’s a serious need for sleep into my body now, because I’ve been minus eight hours of sleep for a couple days now. Coffee was necessary to complete today’s task-completion post (and 5 Hour Energy was necessary to create the energy required for today’s work), and that is more than evidence enough for me that I need to go the fuck to bed haha 🙂

So let’s chat tomorrow, alright? I really enjoy talking with you.

20 more approaches tomorrow, the day after, and the day after 😉 though there’s something that’s definitely getting added to tomorrow’s challenge: I MUST talk with the extremely hot (even taken) women, because they’re the type of women that I want in my life.

Especially because, now that I think about it, highly attractive women (in sexually free environments specifically) use a number of decoys that signal the automatic “Oh, she’s unavailable” switch in our brains ON PURPOSE (and not because she’s actually). This lesson was taught to me through Julius Fast’s Body Language.

More specifically, what I’m saying is that the hottest women do give this unavailability indicators exponentially more than the average woman–which means that any, I repeat, ANY conversation on “oh she’s taken” must be completely and immediately ignored.

Wow, thanks for triggering that thought into my mind! I’m going to post this on my wall and keep this thought as a source of  meditation: “All the  body language that signals that she’s unavailable is a lie.

I’m quite certain that this is not 100% true, but because of the fact that it’s definitely 80% true, I’m going to treat it like it is.

Wow, this may have just transformed my game like nobody’s business.

If only because I’ve just now been able to admit to myself that, yes, I have indeed been fooled and tricked by the beautiful women of my past.”

Now, my body needs sleep. So let’s chat tomorrow, bro, alright? We’ll keep the above saying as our mantra to repeat within our dreams.

Goodnight, brother 🙂

Your friend and brother,

Aaron Bell


Personal Note: Learn lessons on eBay just like a learn lessons on Game.


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