You’ve Gotta Believe It To See It (Super Task 41 Catapulted!)

Today, friend, we will begin with twenty approaches to complete Hypnotica’s challenge for the day. This challenge, as you probably remember, requires that the person who’s approaching to approach the woman he sees within three seconds of seeing her (just reminding you).

I want to add in a minimum of three cold reads into this mix, because calibration could definitely be improved as we do this 20-women a day habit.

(Quick thought here: What do you think about calling habits “gifts.” There’s so much negative connotation to the word “habit” at the moment, bro, that perhaps we can get more results and more change if we instead now call them “gifts,” because that’s what they really are.

You probably agree when I say that outstanding habits are the best gift you can ever give to yourself or others.)

Now, you might get mad at me with what I’m about to say… I want to do an eBay listing for today as well. Because you know as well as I know that financial strength balances the mental and emotional strength pickup offers.

And you’d probably even tell me, now, that financial strength multiplies pickup strength, especially with the budgeting skills that have been honed throughout our lives.

So maybe you’ll agree with me that adding an individual eBay listing is not too terrible to add–even though what I sell is absolutely boring and almost painful to sell (did I tell you that I sell ancient magazines and tabloids?). But even though it’s boring for me, they are incredibly valuable to a lot of people (sometimes including me, when there’s an actor or article by an author I like), and they sell for between $29 and $129 (it’s awesome!).

Anyway, yeah, that’s what’s going on today: 20 approaches and an eBay listing (the Hour of Power, Spanish, and darts are just a given).

Converse with me tonight, alright?


Your bro,



P.S. Today was so awesome! That hypnosis in The Collection of Confidence where I visualized how I’m “now more confident than I was yesterday, but not as confident as I will be… tomorrow…” has transformed my center into the heaviest, most real part of my reality.

Really, the area just below my navel feels more grounded now–as if there’s a magnet between it and the earth pulling me down and just keeping me “here.” Others sense it, too, because women smile and gravitate toward me.

This center is powerful, too, because authority figures in my immediate life now see me as an authority figure–which jazzes me, because I now have the ability to influence people’s lives like never before (especially by putting 98% of the people I see “at-cause” in place of their “at-effect” mentality).

I’m so happy I purchased The Collection of Confidence, it has really transformed my life in more ways than i will ever be able to count or directly label.


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