Ment-Emotionally Intense Shit! (Task 40 Complete ++)


  • Two hours of game recollection; Six hours of brainstorming and drafting on a single topic; Two hours of editing… all within near perfect implementation of Eben Pagan’s 60-60-30 solution
  • 22 women approached today (with the lesson that cold-reading kicks other openers in the balls)
  • 44 days of Spanish and darts
  • Hour of Power coming up

I am the most solid motherfucker that ever lived–except Erik von Sydow who showed me the path to ultimate confidence.

Thank you, bro, for keeping up with me. This has revolutionized my life (and, as a gift to you, I now have something in the works that may just help you revolutionize YOUR life).

You inspire me. You really do đŸ™‚

Your Bro,




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