I Am The Calm Water — All Shall Gather To Drink Me Now (Task 39 Complete!)

There’s never been something that I’ve enjoyed doing more than this 🙂 Approaching 20 women a day has taught me that there’s more abundance in this world than we will ever know. Now here’s the “BREAKDOWN”:

  • If you’re going to approach a lot of women, always either have a big city or many different mini locations (or just make every interaction outstanding)–if you don’t want a 4th Coast incident
  • Your odds are always better when there’s a gig or show–sexy women love them shows
  • Spend the money on condoms and travel (as well as the cliche investment in your fashion); spend the time on travel and (especially) visualization of the parts of your game you need to work on
  • Have friends–or at least acquaintances–who are PASSIONATE about something; I had the opportunity to visit Three Rivers at a packed pub because of a one-handed bassist I had met at Barnes & Noble (he practices the bass from the time he gets home to the time that he gets to bed

Anyway, besides the approaching thing, I am fucking solid. Ever since I began Hypnotica’s course–I’ve been the most solid, authority-commanding motherfucker I’ve ever known.

Men call me way beyond mature for my age; women naturally gravitate toward me (making excuses to talk with me); and essentially love it when it’s their turn for me to talk with them.

Rejection has faded from my fucking reality. Rejection is a myth. Rejection is the ass one man missed that I now get to fuck.

There’s still more growth to do (there always is), but holy balls–this change is the most permanent and lasting shit that I’ve ever witnessed.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Converse tomorrow, bro? 🙂

Your homie,

Aaron Bell

P.S. That stool is fucking SOLID. I’m so proud of myself for the quality of job that I’ve done with that stool! 🙂



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