Before I DIE–Read This Upcoming Post Tonight! :) (Task 40 Launch!)

I’m going to die, and there needs to be something for you to read so that you can change the world. We can die at any moment, so I am DONE with waiting 🙂 

All that’s being done today is 10 hours of writing in the format of four 60-60-30 solutions (with mandatory meditation for 20-minute breaks and mandatory water, power naps, and salads–when available–for the 30-minute sessions). This writing will be focused on:

  • Improving Game, and
  • Niching down and creating beautiful content for a particular topic

If there’s been one challenge that has consistently come up for both other bloggers as well as myself, it has always been the habit of niching down. No one seems to have the habit!

So, being scared of doing that myself, I want to make today about really drilling down into one thing for a period of 10 hours (with the exception of Game–which will be done for the first two). The idea is to really find out, during the third hour, what I’ll be focusing on, and then use the other five hours to really drill down and master the content that I’m focusing on–and then deliver the final product in the form of a YouTube video.

By doing this, we’ll make the first official start of quality Internet Marketing with Oh My Fucking God by branching out into the audiovisual categories of the web. And by branching out into the audiovisual parts of the web, it forces both of us to really hone the quality of our thinking–as well as make damn sure that we know what we’re talking about.

There’s a significant chance that I may “fizzle out” during the third hour, but I’m going to keep drafting and writing ideas–even if I don’t want to. I’ll do research and write ideas during this fizzle out period or edit some of my past ideas to include into a single piece, but this is something that really needs to be done (I want to do this for you!).

Depending on how this works out, we may make this a regular thing (though it won’t always count as a task 🙂 ).

I’ll see you later tonight, bro. I’m not getting any sleep tonight (it’s 12:57 AM right now), but I know that it’s worth it, because:

  1. I know what to really write about and develop after interacting with my bro, Martinez
  2. People like me are naturally more creative at night
  3. This has been playing over and over again in my imagination for a couple nights now–it’s time to realize it immediately!

Anything that has ten hours of energy (focused energy) infused into it can only be outstanding, right? The answer is: Maybe…

We’ll find out tonight, alright? 🙂 

Your Bro,



(Questions Used: How best can I make my reader care about this?)


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