The Way To Make Girls Cum In YOUR Pants ;) (Task 38 Launch AND Complete x 2-ish!)

Originally, i had intended on doing a calibration exercise–which I ended up doing anyway with what I’m about to show you. But what would actually happen (in addition a  semi-calibration challenge) was a hyper-approach day.

You know how many men can barely approach one girl, right? Well, I approached twenty (twenty-one MAYBE–it’ll definitely be more than that when I hit the gym) per Erik von Syndor’s (a.k.a. Hypnotica’s) challenge for The Collection of Confidence.

And I’ve gotta say that confidence is just one of the many things you get with that program. When you use his material, you literally transform into this elite motherfucker. There was such a solid stillness in me today that I’ve only SORT OF felt before–it was like my center became heavier and more connected with the ground–women literally hovered around me for ridiculous amounts of time that it boggled me.

Oh! Haha here’s a funny story. I called this girl over to me while I was Photoreading some SEO books. After talking with her for a bit (man, I was escalating like a sexually confident motherfucker, I tell you), we got real close when I asked for her phone. She immediately handed it over (I have this really powerful authority now that didn’t normally happen before this audio).

Get this, when she handed me her phone, I dialed in the number 269-7**-****, and as i look at the screen to make sure I got it right, I see the text “The Freak That Called Me” pop up onto her phone. I had talked with her two years ago in high school!

I smiled–it literally just vaporized out of my reality instantly. Nothing big about it at all (in fact, I felt better knowing that I had grown from it). This girl who literally called me a freak two years ago on the phone was now glued in place before me (especially when I blatantly told her how I visualized her in her workout bra and outfit–for whatever reason she liked that).

By the end of it, she told me that she had to go, and (get this, seriously) I turned so fast and immediately that I was already reading another book before she left. All that came out of my mouth was a nonchalant “see ya.”

This shit is real. I’ve never been more satisfied with a purchase in my life (especially because it triggered me to not only improve the QUALITY of my interactions, but the QUANTITY, too–by 500%!)

If I could only recommend one product in the entire world, right now, it is The Collection of Confidence by Hypnotica–it’s the most legit confidence installation software in the world, I tell you!

(Psst! You can get access to some stuff that really is worth $100 at Hypnotica’s website today!)

That’s all for now–you can read the original post below if you like, because it illustrates the story of some BS thunderstorms that struck JUST as I was heading out for my Hour of Power!

Converse tomorrow? 🙂

Your Bro,


P.S. I stole a stool from Hooters today!! AHahahahahah! Even though it’s just to fix it, the heist was still some pretty intense shit! I could get in trouble for it (even though the stool was fucked as a hell);.

(Original Post)

Lightning is stupid.

There, I said it. Lightning is stupid! Lightning is stupid because I’m totally not safe when running for an hour and fifteen minutes with an average of one lightning bolt flaring every second. I’d chance it if it were a flimsy, silly lightning storm with a lightning bolt here and again–but it’d definitely not (this one’s for real).

Anyway, I’ll let that pass now as the rain starts, and I’ll simply do the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine along with an hour and forty-five minutes of visualizations and incantation-rewrites (on paper instead of out loud…). This is actually good, though, because I’ll enjoy a nice swim at the Bronson Athletic Club (the nicest gym in Kalamazoo) for today’s workout 🙂

Now, for today’s challenge, I want to do something along the lines of getting feedback from the calibrations that you’ve seen so far. By getting some legitimate feedback, it’ll be easy to tell what patterns need to be picked up and which ones that I’ve already got down.

By the way, it pouring like a motherfucker on my window!

Whoa! And just now I realized that I made the right move not going out today. This massively loud lightning strike just bolted through one of the power lines and shut our power off)

Anyway, to complete today’s challenge, here’s what needs to happen:

  • (M) Make a total of 4 calibration/cold read statements (statements that parallel “You were close to your mother, but not your father”) about the other person on two different people who I’ve already calibrated (Note: All info needs to be accurately recorded for it to count)
  • (T) Make a total of 7 cold read statements about the other person on three different people who I’ve already calibrated
  • (O) Make a total of 10 cold read statements about the other person on four different people I’ve already calibrated

By doing this challenge today, I officially develop the habit of becoming unstoppable with others. Whether it’s by knowing their deepest patterns of communicating with other people (i.e. specific focus) or by knowing what truly drives them (their possibility-necessity program), I’ll be able to tell exactly what’s up with them at any moment in time because of the skill that I develop here and now.

Damn it’s raining like a bitch. I’ll get this challenge done ASAP, okay?

Okay 🙂

Your Bro,



(Questions asked during this post: What best to ask about specificity and today’s challenge? What best specifically do I need to do to complete today’s challenge on calibration?)


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