I Might Have Lost $40!! ;.; Also–Selling (Magazines) Is HARD (Task 36 Complete!)

(Note: VA/PUA stuff going on behind the scenes! Don’t worry–if that’s all you’re here for πŸ˜‰ )

If Positron doesn’t approach a girl tonight, I’m out $40 ;.;

Totally worth it (just to see if MY money makes a difference… it doesn’t!)

Anyway, I suppose I’m only in a LITTLE bit better of a position, because I’m only submitting ONE listing for tonight. But, after what happened today (all awesomesauce), I’m confident that even one post can make a world of difference. Seriously, I already:

  • Do the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine Daily
  • Ask Morning Power Questions and Evening Power Questions (not mentioned before) daily
  • Do three deep breathing sessions daily
  • Meditate–at least during “mindless activity”
  • Talk with women like it’s nothing
  • Blog twice daily (and write/journal much more than that)
  • Learn Spanish for 30 minutes a day as I play darts for the same amount of time
  • Work frequently for a company I love (though the food could be healthier
  • Work out for an hour and fifteen minutes daily
  • Consistently enact leverage on shit that I don’t want to do
  • Write out my goals daily and plan for the achievement of them daily
  • Do hard shit
  • Wash my hands after using the restroom

This is just my normal life. It’s just something that happens every day–without a second thought. There’s still a lot more to improve (i.e. calibration and physical touch and budgeting), but I’ll be conversing with some of the greatest modern minds of today here in the upcoming weeks to get that sorted out πŸ™‚

Anyway, as long as i can get one magazine listed a day, then I’m good over the long-term, because the HABIT of selling magazines will be there!

And as far as magazines go, magazines (especially older ones) are much more elaborate when it comes to selling them due to the extensive amount of reading required in order to sell them properly. Just thought I’d fill you in πŸ™‚

Let me know what you think so far–there’s some interesting things morphing from the ethereal blog of pre-existence πŸ™‚

Your Bro!



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