Calibrate–Don’t Masturbate… More Than 2 Times A Week (Task 37 Complete!)

Hey, I think it’s important to get you more involved. To get you more involved, I’m going to start visualizing you behind my laptop screen as I type this (you’re dressed very well today! Buff, too 🙂 ).

So, what happened today was I chose to do some calibration–something that I’ve been putting off. I don’t know if you care about this, but in the past, whenever I would prep I would (obviously) get some insane results (like makeouts and stuff–nothing hardcore and super sexual due to my nonsexual “vibe” :/ ). But, prepping has been a nag for me lately, and I think you’ll agree with me when I say that calibration (especially automatic calibration) is super important when interacting with people, because we’re literally wasting 98% of our energy attempting to persuade people to do what we want (or sleep with us) if we don’t know the person’s “contextual language” or meta-programs.

So, yeah, doing calibration for today’s task was an awesome idea. Especially because doing it after the past couple of days showed me how much I improved (this stuff just flowed onto the paper as compared to the other night’s sandpaper-to-the-sack torment). Also by doing calibration for today’s task, the visualization for tomorrow’s “game” is infinitely better and more relevant because of the information that was extracted into consciousness.

Now, the next thing the next thing to do (for tomorrow’s task) is to get feedback on the calibration. We need to do something along the lines of “Talk to the first person I see and just state the answers that I posted for the particular person, then look for feedback from the other person (write down the answers–record auditorially somehow if possible).

But that’s for tomorrow. Something else I’m doing tonight is listing a magazine on eBay (as well as updating the photos of the first magazine I listed). Before the magazine, too, I’m going to meditate on increasing my sexual energy–which you’d probably consider to be a good idea, right? You were always telling me about how women can feel sexual energy much like the drone “behind the music–” and that it’s either there or not.

So, what’d be awesome to do, then, is to create an ass-ton more of that energy and just really kick it into high gear. I’ve done this a little bit before with Mark Manson’s “visualizer her sucking my dick” routine, but with more visualizing, this thing can spiral across the universe with epicness. It’s just something that plain blows my mind whenever I think of–especially if you’ve read Psycho-Cybernetics (though I know how familiar you are with the Unconscious Mind-Body’s processing faculty… it’s fucking amazing!)

Anyway, can you check this out for me? This calibration was pretty extensive–but only took place over 35 minutes (distraction-elimination is something I must do tonight). I know you don’t know these people, but if this looks or sounds or feels right (or not right) in some way to you, I really look forward to hearing your feedback! Here it is (the original notebook entry! 🙂 ):

Calibration Part 1
Calibration Part 1
Calibration Part 2

I know it’s not typed, but maybe you can read it pretty well. If you can’t read it very well, I may just update the next post with some awesome typed up text (perhaps I’ll just make a huge post dedicated to the calibrations so far–it’d be easier to read that way).

It was nice talking with you–it’s really cool when we get together like this, because it’s just so cool to exchange ideas and evolve together. If the whole universe expands, then the meaning of life must be “to expand,” too.

Chill together tomorrow?

Your Brother,




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