Calibrate–Don’t Masturbate… Too Much (Task 37 Launch!)

Today’s task involves Venusian Artistry/Pick-Up Artistry in that I’ll be doing a 3-set of written calibrations (1 set is either a new person OR an update for 3 people that’s already been calibrated). Calibration is super important because it totally aligns my Unconscious Mind entirely and totally. It’s pretty nice.

Especially when I contrast it with days like today where I haven’t done it o.o It’s so amazing what you can do when you actually understand the other person o.o

(Note: Three updates to three different, previous calibrations count as a set)

So, to clarify, today’s challenge is to:

  • (M) Do three calibrations for the people I work with
  • (T) Do five calibrations for the people I work with
  • (O) Do eight calibrations for the people I work with

By the end of today, I’ll be super pumped, because tomorrow’s already made outstanding because of this preparation. Whenever I have the other person understood, it’s almost like sheet music–Just play the right notes to get an awesome melody 🙂

Also, before I sign off here, today at work I started playing around with intentions (as I have been over the past two days), and I’ve got a few things to share with you:

  1. As long as you continue to detach from the people/women around you, your signal will remain clean and untainted by neediness (The Forgiveness Process works well with this–I do the FP at least five times every day at work)
  2. Sexual energy-intention is a lot more useful than energies from any other chakra, when engaging with women
  3. Be patient with the responses you get–the effect your intention has on women is always consistent (i.e. awesome), BUT the outer, sensory information that you receive (i.e. a smile or a frown) will vary dramatically–stay strong and keep your intention solid over a period of days… only THEN can you judge the efficacy of an intention
  4. Don’t think about her as the little girl she was–I thought this would be useful for “awakening the child within,” but in my case, it just didn’t freaking work. Perhaps I just need to play with this more.

Now here’s something that I shared with a friend on intentions:

“Your intentions always, always, always have an impact. Girls will have all sorts of weird, different things to do to react to it, but they are ALWAYS reacting to it the same way internally.

For example, the women I spoke with have literally transformed in their reactions (with physical touch especially) when I changed from “What (best) is beautiful about her?” to “What (best) is my ultimate vision of me fucking her right here on the spot?” the level of respect and sexual authority I commanded turned up twenty notches.

(Credit: Mark Manson’s Models–and to Rico Rico Suavé who recommended it)

(Second Note: I always add “best” into 99% of my questions to activate the best of my brain… duhhh)”

It’s so true when Mark Manson says that “I could show you a 100 of my best ideas, but they would do you no good because you won’t have the intentions that I had when i used them” (paraphrased). I’m happy he said that.

That’s all for now, bro! I’ll come back with you when the calibrations are finished (by 3:00PM 🙂 )

Your Bro,



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