Sell That Shit In Four Hours–Easy As 1-2-3 (-5)! (Task 36 Launch!)

(Note: Some serious PUA/VA shit is going down tomorrow!)

Sorry for a short post for today. Today I’ve really exerted a lot of (awesome) energy toward creating a lot of value at Hooters today (I mean it when I say that I’m good at my job).

For today, it’s a continuation of yesterday: List (M) One magazine/ (T) Three magazines/ (O) Five magazines on eBay today!

By doing this–we establish the habit of healthy eBay practices–especially when it comes to selling things we’re not exactly in the mood to sell about (even though these magazines ARE awesome!).

So, sell a magazine or three or five and the challenge has been completed for today. Especially when I’m feeding myself applesauce (my paycheck comes on Tuesday, haha–I’m acclimating to living without mommy and daddy 😉 ), this task is more than enough when I didn’t even want to do my Spanish for today.

I’ll update you when it’s thoroughly complete. Now that I have the charger to my phone (ahhh, I love it when I have my charger), it should be much, much easier to successfully complete today’s challenge.

Converse In Four Hours? 😉

Your Broseph,

Aaron Bell


P.S. Having the correct tools for the job–no matter what the job–is ALWAYS essential. I’m sure that I could’ve gone farther  yesterday with a charged phone, so I’m pumped to get at least two magazines listed, even though the minimum is one!


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