Fucking Hell Man–Need A (Working) Camera! (Task 35 Complete?!)

The ten minutes invested in communicating with this blog will represent the final ten minutes of my time working with these magazines. And work it has been when I was listing only one magazine, because I don’t have a charged phone, and I’ve needed to work with defective equipment.

Not that I’m complaining, because some of my defective equipment definitely takes some of the best pictures that I’ve ever seen in my life 🙂 Too bad I can’t show you at the moment, because… you know,.. the phone I used is defective hahaha.

But, I’ve gotta admit that even though I didn’t totally get three magazines up today, the content that was written for the “copy” was definitely some of the most solid material that I’ve ever written. Should the SEO-optimized title hold its ground, I’m pretty sure that my target audience (older women) will love to buy these magazines!

I’m going to write the listings for at least two other magazines (I’ll update this post when I do), but I might not get to posting them by tonight, and I sure as hell won’t get it done by 9:00 PM. BUT, this blog is about doing one thing a day that scares you, and I’ve been putting off posting on eBay for a looong time, so technically, I succeeded today!

Not to mention that another hour and fifteen minute workout was completed in addition to thirty minutes of Spanish as well as a “Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine” completion. These things can be a bit… interesting to start!

You still deserve, at the very least though, two more drafts and “quality checks” for the magazines that are about to be sold, because I’m committed to becoming the best damn example you’ve ever witnessed for personal whole life transformation!

Let me know what you think of this, and certainly let me know if you think I was a faggot for not doing something, etc., etc 😉

Converse tomorrow (and tonight in an update)?

Your Homie-Bro,



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