Closing Loose Ends With eBay! (Task 35 Launch!)

Today, especially after yesterday, I’ve chosen to change my financial status for forever. Instead of being a little bitch about it and saying “Oh! I have no munnies until Tuesday,” I’ve now chosen to really, really transform myself financially for forever.

And it starts with eBay.

A while back, my mother had agreed to allow me to sell a bunch of her old magazines (like Photoplay, Modern Screen, Charm, some 1940’s Cosmopolitan) in return for 40% of the profit. I had started selling these a while a back (I sold about five of them) and made a half-way decent $220–which is pretty nice for the amount of time that I put in (about thirty minutes a magazine).

Though, I wasn’t really a disciplined dude (or at least a self-managed dude) back then, so I kind of stopped when I didn’t feel like doing it anymore (this would come back to haunt me!). But, now that I’m on my own and my mother deserves some of her money for allowing me to sell these, I’m now committed to getting these things SOLD in the best, most value-adding manner that anyone has ever seen something sold on eBay before 🙂

So check this task out! For as long as there are magazines left in that closet upstairs, I now maintain a listing for every one of those magazines on eBay either: 1) until they sell, or 2) when I’ve been listing them on eBay for 4 months and they haven’t sold–whichever comes first. Specifically for this, I list (M) 3 magazines per day/(T) 5 magazines per day/(O) All magazines per day until they are all listed (this challenge maintains for each day until it either doesn’t intimidate me or until it’s completed 🙂 ).

This task is kind of exciting for me, because this grants me the opportunity to actually follow through with my old commitment AND provide my mom with a little extra dough for having cut her silly smoking habit a few weeks ago 🙂

Also, this’ll boost the momentum toward achieving any goals of mine–like taking krav maga or yoga classes; like owning a sexy wardrobe; like purchasing some of the sexiest computer equipment–because each of these will require more than a basic Hooters income to best achieve this goal.

Anyway, I’m gonna go do the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine, an Hour of Power, and a lesson on Pimsleur, and then I’ll have these magazines listed for you by 9:00 PM.

Also, am I being too nerdy or socially-recluse by making such “at-home” challenges? Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

Converse later tonight? 🙂

Your Bro,




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