The Best God-Damned Lesson I’ve Learned With This Blog (Task 32 Complete!)

Gotta say that the keyboard and magazines to sell is too easy of a task in retrospect. Or maybe it’s just easier now that I’ve actually started making progress with those tasks–which usually happens with just about anything that’s been done on this blog, this series of experiences 🙂 

Link to the Craigslist keyboard listing 🙂

However, I’m still getting back into the groove with calibration, BUT it was totally easier than it was yesterday. The only thing with getting back into the groove with calibration is that I still need to develop the habit of physical contact and physical expression.

Anyway, check this out! As the words and associations to all the personality and NLP training came out on the page, realization after realization hit me like a maelstrom, a total whirlwind of clarity and focus. By doing this calibration exercise, I suddenly understood the seven billion things that I had misunderstood (from mis- or malpractice)… like the fact that certain people need a more strong, “cocky-funny” attitude, while other people REQUIRE that I remain gentle and loving with them.

If you’ve ever heard of the Jungian archetypes, you’ll know exactly what I mean (i.e. Magician | King; Lover | Warrior).

Furthermore, I’ve recognized that the connection between you and your parents is possible one of the most important pieces of information you can collect. This might sound weird, but things like sibling order (i.e. younger/-est or older/-est) have a dramatic impact on the “style” and characteristics of a person. For example, older siblings tend to me more “caring and responsible” whereas younger siblings tend to be more caring and selfish (haha that’s me!). Also, people close to their parents tend to be more emotionally connecting while people far from their parents crave it, but don’t have the foundation (with the parents) to establish it as well as those who do have a closer connection.

After interacting with thousands of women, I’ve gotta say that this has been true 99.99% of the time. It’s almost (almost) more important than the “general” personality type (like the Myers-Briggs Indicator Types or the Enneagram or the Physical-Emotional-Logical distinctions). At the very least, it has taught me to keep a loving eye out for my parents… because the world will be able to tell from a mile away if I don’t.

By the way, here’s the paper with the five calibrations for today (it actually takes more time than you might think–at least when first starting out):


Now here’s the typed version 🙂

Ch*****: (PT) INTP + Warrior + “2-5-8” (enneagram) + 1I-2E (PEL); (SE) 6; (SO/R) 5; (SI) Good girl, introvert, educated; (Work) Hooters, eBay; (Sib) Youngest (Only); (M+D) Detached from Mom, Close(r) to Dad; (Nds) Personal time; (Where) Graduating from girlhood, heartbroken, bad bf + family issues, probably raped; (Going) Emotional Stability in environment (anything that will lead to that)

Ca*****: (PT) ESFP + Magician + “5-7-1” (like me) + 1E-2I; (SE) 6; (SO/R) 8; (SI) happy, outgoing, outrageous, fun, hardworking, lively, college girl, (Work) Hooters + bartendress; (Sib) youngest (of 2); (M+D) Close w/ whole family; (Nds) Love & enthusiasm; (Where) College girl; (Going) Max grades + fun

Sh*****: (PT) ISTJ + Queen + “7-1-4” + 1I-2E; (SE) 6; (SO/R) 8; (SI) Hardworker, loner, unattractive, organizer, powerful; (Work) Hooters bartendress, manager @ another location; (Sib) Oldest of 3; (M+D) detached; (Nds) Love & sex; (Where) Devving as much security as possible; (Going) anything for acceptance, love, organization

Da*****: (PT) ENFP + Lover + “9-6-3” + 1E-2I; (SE) 7; (SO/R) 8; (SI) hippy, nice, funny; (Work) Hooters chef; (Sib) 2nd oldest of 4; (M+D) Closer with mom, detached with dad; (Nds) Love, health, growth; (Where) Dad + married; (Going) Anything for love & significance & power & love

Ja*****: (PT) ESTJ + Magician + “9-6-3” + 1P-2I; (SE) 10; (SO/R) 6; (SI) Buff, body, party guy, outstanding cook, good lover, gamer; (Work) Chef + Bodyguard; (Sib) youngest; (M+D) Semi-close/detached from M+D; (Nds) growth, move, $$$; (Where) quarter-life crisis; (Going) Developing body & sex

This has got to be the most useful exercise that I’ve done thus far (EXCEPT for the initial incantation exercise–which laid the foundation for all of this). I’ve been handling certain people a lot less effectively than I could have–and it may have costed me as a result.

Let me know if this helps–because there’s a lot of little details in this that could be considered copyright infringement if I went too in detail with it 😉 (like the enneagram?).

Also, I need to pee–so converse tomorrow?? Haha

Your bro 🙂

Aaron Bell

(Upcoming Tasks: Style and Appearance after more Touch and Calibration



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