Calibrate… When She’s Having Her Period!! (Task 31 Launch!)

Today I asked my manager, after about an hour of working, “Is it that time of month again?” This question was a bit scary to ask for me, because I didn’t know how well received that type of question would be. But, in the end, it was just a normal question (all girls have it and talk about it).

Also, there’s a really cheerful woman working today, “C,”  that I haven’t met before. Though she’s only moderately as attractive in that environment, I think I like her more than just about any other Hooter girl (her cheerfulness is contagious–if I weren’t already cheerful as it is, my day would’ve been lifted a good 20% in happiness points).

Anyway, yeah, that’s the update as far as my working life goes. For my non-working life, I’m just pondering how best to use my gym membership. I have plans on using it for swimming, but I really, really want to begin a workout regime that induces serious buffness. This workout routine will recreate me as I dedicate myself to doing every day now.

(I’m actually going to budget right now and see if I can start this!)

Besides that, today’s challenge is go through at least (M) five, (T) ten (O) twenty girls/women that I know and ask the calibration questions about them right now at my desk–and then tomorrow’s challenge will be to verify these answers that I’ve given tomorrow. By doing this calibration challenge, I shall become the genius that Neil Strauss says I will become by doing this 😉

Besides that, just completing:

  • The Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routines with editing (done), and
  • The Hour of Power (with a ten-plus minute swim) with
  • A half-hour of Pimsleur (done), with
  • Vision-building (an hour of preparing for realizing my goals)
  • Budgeting and Researching Workout Routines (from the 4-Hour Body) with
  • Tracking metrics

… All of this is already a bit much–so I’ll focus on these calibration questions today AND get these things done, and I’ll get back to you shortly (by 8:00PM tonight).

Converse tonight?

Your Bro 😉

Aaron Bell

(Deep breaths taken during the writing of this post 🙂 :



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