She Calls Me “Pimp” Hahaha :) (Task 30 Launch + Complete!)

Before I begin today’s session, I’ve gotta say that I’m super thankful for all that has become of my life and I in the past thirty days! Before I started this blog:

  • I never worked at place so full of beautiful women (some of which–though I never admit this–behave/look more attractive(ly) than any other girl in Kalamazoo/MIchigan/USA/the world)
  • I never had a gym membership at the best gym in my area (just got it today… courtesy of momma! 🙂 )
  • I never had such a steady stream of readers following this journey with me
  • I’ve never seen someone update their lives so regularly (a model of this?) with a little support and focus (it really helps when you know someone’s observing you)
  • I’ve never been able (to) hablar español so well (seriously, I’m getting freaking good at it)
  • I’ve been so centered and meditated
  • I never owned my own place (I essentially live on my own now–with my bro and my sis-in law)
  • I never played darts as well as I do now (I play darts with every Pimsleur session)
  • I never budgeted as well as I do now
  • Etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. 🙂

Today’s session sort of marks the one month mark of progress in life… and it’s ridiculous how much things have changed for me in such a short amount of time. This short amount of time that I’ve steadily updated this has drastically blown the quality of my life out of proportion with the rest of the world. Within this short amount of time, I’ve done things that I never would have.

And though it was my effort and personal energy, knowing that I’ve had you to observe this progress and model it for yourself has really inspired me to give you the best example that I possibly can. A couple of you even reached out to me with some (long-ass) comments that I really enjoyed replying to! I’ve gotta say that doing it with others is way easier than going at it alone.

I appreciate you journeying with me, bro! 🙂

For today’s challenge, too, I’ve made three physical connections (they’re getting exponentially better–and they are extremely well received), BUT the real challenge today was going back to the Bronson pool to get the number of a girl I had already talked with (I was curious about how she did those flips at the ends of the pool). The reason why it was a challenge (because I’ve done this before, haha) was because I had actually already left to go to my locker and head out… and I needed to go back in and ask her for the number in front of basically everyone at the pool (my irrational hesitation was that people would start branding me as a “player” when I really am just a high-status, alpha dude who loves women… the cool thing was, though, that people actually respected me MORE after doing this, haha 😉 Because I did what they feared to do).

Anyway, I did it, and I feel fucking boss because it was worth it. It was worth it because I’ve finally recognized that this was a quality interaction (like the thousands of others)… and by being able to reach her, I can actually do something with her 😉 Especially because we’re both health-oriented and super into running and swimming (Huge smiley face!!).

Something else that also added to this challenge was doing the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine when I got back–I really didn’t feel like doing it… but I got started and whammo! I actually did it! And enjoyed it! So happy. Here’s the vid(!):

Another thing, too, that you must see (lol!): “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. I love this song!

Interact tomorrow, bro? 🙂

Your Bro,

Aaron Bell

P.S. This girl did call me “Pimp” today 😉


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