A Hooters Father’s Day Gift (Task 29 Launch + Complete!)

(Note: I love my parents, but I choose to associate with people other than them… which is why this may sound a bit “negative.” To counteract the negative, picture a big *smiley face* on me while you read this! 🙂 ) 

Today I completed dos toques (two touches) on a day of a Hooters girl car wash, and I completed thirty minutes of Pimsleur. At the moment I complete the hour of meditation as I write this blog post and complete the Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up Routine.

But the REAL challenge was spending the money on my father for Father’s Day–both for gas to visit him plus the Daytona Beach Style Wings from Hooters. This was a real challenge because I know that the people I surround myself with truly determines my outcome in life ALSO I knew that I had many other people to focus on today… in other words, I need to increase my willpower consumption and willpower savings through this task.

Anyway, I’ve already completed this between 3:00pm and 8:00pm (5 hours started). And I’ve gotta say that choosing to complete this five hour time sink has severely affected the outcome of completing all my other challenges in a timely fashion IN ADDITION to feeling a negative influence of the people who I visited. In fact, not only did I not complete the challenges as early as I could’ve (i.e. just before midnight tonight), I’ve also filled myself with crappy food (i.e. freaking unhealthy) , polluted water and sound with a 1990’s waverunner, gotten fondled by my grandpa (lol), not to mention that I’ve spent $37 of unavailable funds toward completing this (I’m not rich yet–nor have I been paid as timely as I could have been).

Though I’m a very positive, upbeat, happy, centered, power-driven, love-driven person (etc., etc.), it’s crucial to me that I now forever say no to ANYTHING that distracts me (especially anything that takes five-plus hours as well as additional funds) from my goals–which will require preparation and anticipation). For example, my father asked me whether or not I’d like to visit an ex-friend of mine’s graduation party with him this coming Saturday (he lives in Indiana–but we were friends because he’d routinely come to the lake house up here on Scott Lake in Michigan)… knowing that I’d need to spend at least eight hours one-on-one in the car with my father PLUS several hours with random people that my friend knew, I had to decline because of the serious detriment it would have on my self-image and standards in life (i.e. “the reference group effect”).

Other examples of distractions, too, include messy rooms (like mine), doing too much shit at once (yup), YouTube (PewwwwDiePie!), Facebook (not so much anymore, actually), etc.

To clarify, visiting my father and providing gifts was the challenge for today–but I definitely did the physical contact as well in addition to doing some of the Daily Bio-Energizer this morning (which went unrecorded, so I’ll do it again hah).

Another idea for the road, too: Track the number of hours that you invest toward your highest goal every. single. day. I’m doing that tonight with the Twelve Star Mentors goal that I’ve set for myself.

Let me know if this inspires you, because this was a short post, but it’s pretty packed with fun–completed–ideas that may inspire you!

Chat tomorrow?

Your Friend 🙂


P.S. Do you know the people who distract you? What best can you do to eliminate these people who try to distract you from your life? (*COUGH “Forgiveness Process” COUGH* Oh, I meant to say The Forgiveness Process haha)


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