Setting The Homeless On Fire… With Love! (Task 28 Launch + Semi-Complete!)

(Note: I was homeless for four months during my high school career… I’m just very aware of the “easy-way-out” mindset that homeless (all) people have, and I’d prefer to find a real, long-term solution, like Richard Branson is, than to just give them a few dollars every now and then)

Why best does this post exist?

  • Keep my accountable + Entertain the reader while convincing the reader to share the same growth that I have been experiencing

Who best is my reader?

  • An individual who’s experienced at least 6 months of “game” (or at least just started)–20-25 year old men who still experience pain when interacting with women

What best behavior change will result from the reader reading this post?

  • Do things in order of priority (in value-adding priority); anytime you add value to a person’s life, clearly define what was done–and frame it so that it’s in the form of gratitude for the other person’s services; set accountability and actually pay for it if you don’t achieve what you needed to do–I.e. PREPARE next time

Where best will this behavior change occur?

  • Work, personal life, vacations, etc–Do things that relax/rejuvenate you the most; do things that give you the most value; book store and online

(Let me know if this is right or wrong! πŸ™‚ )

Before I get into today’s challenge (which will be about “The Sensoriest Description Ever!” πŸ™‚ ), I feel that it’d be more connecting to let you in on what’s happening in my life, do you agree?

At Hooters: I felt a bit unappreciated today. Today was an extension of yesterday’s work where my manager, “R,” apparently kept a precise for the incorrectness of all the mountains of correctness she could find–which I construed as a bit disconcerting and demeaning. I felt it was demeaning saddening… until I realized that it was my fault that it was this way in the first place. The reason all of this was my fault was because I had made a serious “marketing ( and ‘power’) mistake:” I didn’t clearly define the value that was delivered to the Hooters store.

To illustrate this, all you need to do is think of the Tesla story fromΒ The 48 Laws of Power or from this page to learn how not taking credit is an extremely bad idea. Many people may say for you to do random acts of kindness and provide anonymous charity… Well, I’m starting to move more and more away from that because of both the story above AND my personal experiences at Hooters. Quantum physicists state that “observing changes the observed,” and Huna states that, “Wherever attention goes, energy flows,” and general philosophy states that we get more of what we focus on… therefore, in order to create the maximum charity and high-quality value from ourselves, it only makes sense to get more and more people to observe it, right?

Another illustration for this, too, is that my parents always used to criticize me and scream at me and yell at me and ground me for never doing my chores, or at least never doing them properly. I knew that this was fucking bullshit, so I would eventually just sneak out and mentally think “F*** you, Mom/Dad” as I slid my legs out the window, grabbed the window sill, and dangled my legs down as far as I could before jumping out the window–partying it out anyway (with their car) before sneaking back in.

It had never occurred to me to do what I did approximately four years later: Make a freaking paper that lists all the “benefits gained” for them. This list, this beautiful, beautiful list, rendered me invulnerable to BS comments (that always were BS) that suggested that I did shit for work around the house… and I would eventually get rewarded and praised and “paid” more (in food and random items, like notebooks) for the work that i did.

In other words, there was so much sneaky shit that could’ve been avoided had I made it really freaking clear what value had been delivered. It even boggles my mind how much stress I could’ve avoided (from sneaking out and back in) if I would’ve done this.

At a side road just off Westnedge: After work, I had abruptly pressed the brakes to turn onto when I saw a homeless man peddling for change on the highway. I have done something that I really scorned myself for needing to do: pay a homeless man fifty-six dollars as punishment for not completing the task on time. I only had twelve dollars cash, though, but still, this was not out of charity (even though I would, actually, get a good feeling from giving it to him), it was out of punishment–I really despise giving homeless people money (ask my “Why” before you scorn me for this).

As you may have read in an earlier post, I had promised you that if I did not complete the required tasks at my line of work that I would need to pull out a day’s pay ($56 on average–it’s a very, very sad number, I know), walk up to a homeless man, and hand it to him. The only reason I didn’t give him $56 is because I saw him on my way from work, and I didn’t pull out the money from an ATM machine yet. Yeah, I know that I probably could’ve just waited until I had the whole $56, but you know how it feels to have something on your head for an extended period of time, right? It was just good to ease some of that up a bit.

At the Goodyear on Westnedge: After that, too, I accidentally let myself get talked into purchasing an oil change straight away instead of researching a bit on the prices (dumb move), so I got my oil changed for a total of $44. I’m not upset at all over the $44, though, because it’s a mistake like this that will save me from impulsively paying $444 or $4,444 too much down the line–which, to me, is a savings of $400-$4,000 πŸ˜‰

The other girl wasn’t so lucky, though, because she paid $800+ for them to change her tires in ADDITION to the $44 oil change (which I also received). I should’ve gotten her number, though, because she was otherwise really seemingly intelligent with money (and her short-shorts and gorgeous legs were intoxicating me).

Technically, giving the homeless man OR getting my oil changed OR doing the unmentioned Daily Bio-Energizer Routine (before work) could have each counted for today, but I’d like to add one more thing here. For today’s challenge that’d be awesome to do, what do you think about practicing something that goes against my intuitive nature: Sensory Descriptions?

Within the bible, sensory descriptions are the key way that Jesus influenced people to such great lengths. Within the everyday world, Muhammad used sensory metaphors to blow people’s minds:

(Typical pump it up song πŸ™‚ )

Anyway, yeah, I’m going to do at least one sensory description that uses every single one of these of submodalities to describe it πŸ™‚Β 


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