Though Sex Is Great, Physical Touch Is Better: Task 27 Completed! :)

Though I didn’t really sleep last night and my work today could’ve been better, I definitely made the five physical connections today that–to all else (and even me)–were just a normal part of life. This normal part of life, though, was something that multiplied to quality of the conversation for both of us by at least 160%, if only because a new “modality” or sense or feeling was involved.

So, yeah, a middle ground was reached between the Minimum and Target goals today, and I’m really happy with the results. These results have shown me that physical touch–to most men–has been warped way out of control by media and pornography because it is a very basic instrument by which to connect with another person.

Let me know if this little post helps you, because it was definitely useful, in my opinion, to develop the skill of touch–especially in the situation that I’m in (Hooters).

Converse tomorrow? 🙂

Your Friend,


P.S. What I mean in the headline is that physical touch feels better throughout and sets the foundation for outstanding sex in the long run (though not always).


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