Triple Your Reading Speed Within 48 Hours Or Less–Guaranteed :) (Task 26 Completed!)

Before you completely read this post now, I recommend that you read Steve Pavlina–a world-renowned expert on personal development’s–review on Photoreading, because it may set a better context for this whole challenge.

Great! Now that you’ve read that stellar review by Steve Pavlina (the very same review that inspired me to engage fully in the Photoreading Whole Mind-Body Reading Process), we can share a reference that will better suit the purpose of this post: Building our relationships AND inspiring you to become a better intellect.

To become a better intellect myself tonight, I chose to Photoread the books, WWGD and The Mating Mind for the purposes of “better absorbing the Google philosophy” and “becoming a higher status male” respectively, To Photoread these books, I chose to prepare by establishing what success was for the session as well as listing a series of a trigger words–key words that exemplify what the text is about.

After the five minutes of preparation expired, I then chose to flip through the text and activate the materai by asking questions relevant to me about the material (see the image below). After asking the questions for eleven minutes, I began to prioritize the questions in order of “most value-enhancing to least value-enhancing,” where I would then transfer the questions to audio by recording myself asking the questions via Audacity. After recording the questions, I would then play each question on loop as I made a mind map from the questions priority number–letting my Unconscious Mind-Body respond to the looping questions until the twenty-minute timer expired.


Then, for five minutes, I just chilled and grabbed some coffee as I put away the dirty dishes lying around in my office. When I came back after these five minutes, I realized how very much I had gained from a simple thirty minute session; just look at these notes below:


There’s so much to be gained from the heaps of text that surround us every day that it astounds me how little we exploit it. The books are starving for us to read them, yet most of us believe–deep down–that it’s “too difficult” or “too lame” to read, when it is literally the coolest and possibly easiest thing you can do for yourself.

You just need to learn HOW to do it (your WHY is already there).

If you’re interested in learning how to chop down your daily reading from 10 hours to 2 hours (assuming you’re in college), then check out this review and see if it’s right for you. It’s pretty easy to afford because you’re literally saving 8 hours of the next 10 reading hours that you would’ve done, which is saving you  $64 an hour MINIMUM–and I’m willing to bet money that you–or at least most of the readers on here–work for more than minimum wage, so it’s probably more.

And that money saved (in man hours) doesn’t even include the level of enjoyment that you’ll get from reading now, nor does it include the feelings you’ll feel when friends look at you open-mouthed when you can read a book in a third of the time that they can. Is all this not worth?

If you’re curious about the cost, you can register for the seminar at the pleasure of spending $750 for USA and Canada. If you’re interested in studying at home, too, the Deluxe Photoreading Self-Study Course is a high-ish $530.00 investment, but the Main Photoreading Self-Study Course is a more affordable investment of $245.00 (54% of the investment than the deluxe). If you’re scrounging for dough, though, the most basic form of learning can be found through the book, which’ll set you back a minor $16.95.

Overall, this is one of the programs that more positively affected my life than anything else. The only programs that I can think of that top this are by Tony Robbins (any of his programs). The reason that this is so empowering (next to Tony Robbins’s material) is because it has transformed the way that I learn… and because it has helped to alter my behavior directly when I read books on attraction and seduction (I usually get at least three times as much eye contact the day after a Photoreading session of one of those books).

By the way, I am not paid in any way by Learning Strategies Corporation for this review and challenge, this is just a way of saying thank you to them for transforming my life by supercharging my passion for reading and learning–the world has been at my fingertips for two (three?) years now, thanks to Paul Scheele’s course.

(Not to mention that I’ve saved at least $150 by being able to read the book that I wanted to read IN the Barnes & Noble store, lol! 🙂

Converse tomorrow, bro? You know I appreciate your company 😉

Let me know if this helps!

Your Homie,

Aaron Bell

(Number of Deep Breaths Taken During This Post



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