How To Shoot A 3-Pointer Properly With Ease Every Time–Guaranteed (A Dating Metaphor! Task 27 Launch!)

“Fundamentals must be practiced daily.” ~ Tony Robbins, just before talking about how this coach brought his team to six championships by getting his kids–who could make a shot from just about anywhere–to shoot 500 shots from right next to the rim every day so that he would make the shot in the key clutch moments (i.e. in the game winning shot).

I did a touching challenge a while back in order to develop a certain level of comfort with touching women. As much as I feel comfortable around them, it’s essential that I bridge the gap between conversation and mental imagery to the physical and concrete: The actions.

People are starved for a physical connections–and by doing this simple exercise, we’re one step closer to making the world a better place (esp. because I know that I could’ve used a little bit more physical connection when growing up).

So, for today, we’re going to do an exercise similar to last time’s. I actually wanted to do this a couple days for Task 25 when my sister-in-law took the car; however, that task has now been converted to today’s MTO goal. Even though we brought up calibration with this exercise we can choose to do that later, because I want to see how well the touching goes without needing to focus on calibration (i.e. let’s lock in the physical connection habit before spreading too thin to something else). Here’s the MTO challenge:

  • (M) Two physical connections
  • (T) Six physical connections
  • (O) Fifteen physical connections

I’m working this puppy today like a b**** haha. As I work this puppy, just know that I love you bro, because your readership always inspires me to set a new standard and make life just a little better for myself and those around me 😉

Converse later today?

Your Homie 🙂

Aaron Bell

Upcoming Challenges:

  1. Calibration
  2. Hyper, Long-term Focus On “12 Star Mentors” Goal

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